Anti-Corruption Helpline by IIM students–Need of the hour!


2G scam, Commonwealth Games Scandal, Adarsh Housing Society Scam, Corporate Loan Bribery scandal – Are you tired like me of hearing about scandals day in and day out? Are you in the same boat like me having lost trust in the system? Are you thinking that everything would be forgotten in a few days / weeks like the Madhu Koda scam? [Read our Top 10 corruption scams of all time]

Here’s an interesting piece of news which has re–instilled a bit of my faith in the system. Six students (Ravi Yadav, Udit Goyal, Saurabh Singh, Nikhil Bhaskar, Shantanu Sekhar of IIM Ahmedabad and Daniel De Luna, an exchange student from Italy) have decided to come forward and start an anti corruption helpline.

So what gave them the idea of leaving their cozy high paying jobs to start a helpline?

The biggest reason according to the six of them was the pain at seeing multiple scams rocking the country and people having no idea whom to complain too. This prompted the 6 of them to approach Abdul Kalam and IIM A professor Anil Gupta who more than agreed with their idea.

So what’s their business idea?

The students have conducted a market research regarding the need for such a helpline. This, along with the fact that they have visited the Anti–Corruption Bureau and also other police agencies, shows that they are really serious for this kind of work.

Their model envisages getting the complaints from people, scrutinising it by specially recruited retired officials and finally forwarding the complaints to the right agencies. Their main aim is to address only the useful calls and prevent the umpteen frivolous calls they would get. Therefore they plan to raise the charge for a call to Rs 5 or 10. For this they plan to integrate their anti–corruption helpline with the Anti Corruption Bureau. They aim to consult people and make them aware of their rights and where they are being cheated.

Initial success

Their plan has been forwarded by a politician to the state department. They have also enlisted a telecom provider to provide the toll – free status for the helpline. Another feather in their cap is the fact that Gujarat Anti – Corruption Department has shown a keen interest in their model.

But the road is fraught with CHALLENGES, CHALLENGES and more CHALLENGES!

There have been examples of various projects by students / youngsters across the nation which may have been related to helping the country at some level or the other. But sadly only IIMs and IITs ones are noticed. But then, even they are noticed when they start, while afterwards no one knows what happened to them.

Take for example, the Lok Paritran party started by some IITians to change politics. After fighting a few elections, they ended up disintegrating due to loads of problems among each other. Therefore these six have to make sure that they stay together and more than that, they must stick to this wonderful idea and make more and more people aware.

Since the idea is based on a very touchy topic, six of them are sure to face lot of struggle initially to make people understand that they are not a fly by night operators (one who would probably make a lot of money in this) but someone who is really serious. Since a large part of our police force as well as politicians are involved in CORRUPTION, the idea would be even difficult to propagate.

The business model is something which has to be decided. Since they say that it would be a helpline, would it model into a consultancy into the future, probably helping in the complete process of filing complaints and getting to see the results or it would remain the same – that of a helpline?

Other aspects like awareness through word of mouth, getting the right people to work, paying them their salaries which are linked to getting the right financial support, being on the right side of the law while solving problems etc. are some of the other issues which need attention.

Though the idea sounds fantastic and excellent especially for a country like ours, the great six need to make sure that the glow to help the country keeps burning in their hearts and not let the idea die a natural death!

What are your views?

  1. Suryansh Anand says

    IT’s A Very Great Idea! For Our CounTry

  2. Sarayu says

    It felt great reading about what they’re up to. And yes, you were right about their path being tough. I doubt if it’d reach the majority of the population because we’re being ‘organized’ in such a way that many don’t even care about an election manifesto…

    And, are there any means through which we the public can keep track of its journey?? Any ways to support??? If yes, I’d like to know of them. I wish i’d be of some help to this…
    thank you.

  3. Babu R says

    Really, its a wonderful idea.i wish to join u working at my place CUMBUM and THENI..

  4. laxmansingh chauhan says

    Its a great idea ,I wish to join you working at my place khandwa .becouse I am struggling againast corruption from long time . and feels alone .whenever I rise voice againast corruption I have been punished by higher authrity still I am facing the same problem . pls help.

  5. Ashok Jain says

    I wish to join them working at my place i.e. Bangalore and Udaipur ( Rajasthan ) voluntarily.

  6. Malhar says

    Hey Aseem,

    This is a good idea to have a helpline. its like a customer can report if he is unhappy with service.
    MY Thoughts – Why dont we bring people together and aware them through Social media which is strong and has 100% freedom, by freedom I mean not regulated by politicians as our media is today. FB and TWTR helped revolutions in middle east. Our average age is around 25-30yrs in India today,so active and educated younger generation can make things move at better pace through their network with the help of traditional media too. We should make the news rather wait for news channel’s attention.

  7. JagoIndiaJago says

    Idea sounds to be fantastic….Can you pls. published the milestone of this business plan, idea is once you have roadmap available to bigger forum. This keep you reminding on the progress. As all of us agree, it is very difficult to sustain such idea for long.

    When people see it progressing well…Many hand will join.

    In mid of these scandals, i am very much worried about the status of Journalism in India…You will see clear bias among the different news papers. So when most of us read the news paper, we read only what these political praties want us to read, This is really a big big problem…Can something be done on this as well ?

    Atleast one should right information to act on…if the right information is not available..How can people react ?

  8. Rajeev T.R. says

    India really needs such a movement and the youth whose conscience is clear,and yet to be part of the ‘system’ are the right harbingers for this revolution.Time for a second freedom struggle and rise of new Vivekanandas like Ravi, Udit and friends.Let your tribe increase..! and i shall also pitch in

  9. Gans says

    Why don’t they start with current polical scams.. nail down and get the corrupted people to the court. I don’t think their will be useful. They can just able to get the person who will get bribary of INR. 1000 to 10000. Better they can concentrate on giving revenues to INDIA by earning more and paying more taxes using their degrees.

  10. udit says

    it is a grt initiation by all six guys i think youngsters have to pay attention what happen in our country…what is the problem into the system hw can we solve it??????nothing can happen by talk do action against corruption.

  11. RudraRayudu says

    the idea’s without any action is useless. so the action is most improtent.dear Rastoogi i am rudra and i want to start an organisation which will take action against corruption.
    want to know more? reply me.

    1. laxmansingh chauhan says

      whats your idea Rudra & how you take action againast corruption pls show your plan.

    2. amit tiwari says

      Its a very good idea but if it’s only a helpline for registering your complain then how they will help will just like a complain made in police station by people,where you can not trust police.
      My points are-
      1.Is there any answer of this issue in their model and issue is ”if there is a complain about a big fish such as A minister or an m.l.a”
      because if A.C.B would that much powerful to catch these big fishes then corruption would not like today in our country.
      Whatever. . . .
      We want a very strong model which include action also.
      And my suggestions are–
      1.DO not trust A.C.B or POLICE because today max corruption is in police department.
      2.To make A.C.B and police take quick action on the complain,i think complains should be public by media support which wil make pressure on them to work on that perticular complain. .and give all details to only one media or news paper and make your bussiness profit from their.there are number of ways to make A.C.B and police work,they(6) jst have to think. . .
      Make this model successful. .
      My best wishes with them. .

  12. Anonymous says

    Its a great idea and I hope it works, and it would be great if it turns into a consultancy so that its possible to follow up with the result.

    Having said that, two things that come to mind:

    1. A few years ago someone made a website which would forward the right complaint to the right department in the government for any issue whatsoever in India, not just corruption, but I’m not sure why the site failed and closed.

    2. Getting the complaint across to the right place is helpful, but if someone really wants I’m sure he/she can find out how to do so anyways without a third party helpine. However, taking that first step of deciding to register an official complaint against a government official/department is a tough decision which people are deterred from because they don’t want to be involved for fear of security and lack of comfort that any action would actually be taken in lieu of their complaint. This is a hurdle which must be overcome. Instead of the ‘live with it’ attitude, the people have to realise its up to us to bring about a change.

    But I’m sure if these 6 and whoever else is involved are serious about doing this, they must be taking everything into account in their business plan and will come out with a viable solution of keeping the government on its toes to create a better working and living environment not just for Indians but for the globalized world as it stands today. Good luck!

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      Yeah the problems you have mentioned are there and I am sure these 6 must have factored those into their business plan..Here’s it to them to make a difference and not lose out their names to others in the annals of history!

  13. anagha says

    Goood idea,
    I would like to be a part of it. pls inform if any help required.

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      If I get to know would surely tell you that :)

  14. Kunal says

    The guys are really doing an innovative work. This really calls for a bold step and strong determination. Many have come and gone in this effort of cleaning the Indian system and till date I am yearning to witness a ‘successful revolutionary’.

    My suggest to them is to follow a Wikileaks model where no one can track them and yet their revelations are credible. Then let the media take it from there.

    My apologies for being the devils advocate….but I want them to be a real sucess.

    My best wishes,

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      That’s a nice idea maan :)..I think its always nice to be the devils advocate ;)..We all hope that this is a success..But then the wikileaks model has controversies of its own :P

  15. Sunil Saraf says

    This is a great idea……I hope the model also encompasses corruptions that take place in private organisations too.

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      Yeah that also needs to be done..Private organizations cant be left out for sure!

  16. Yaamini says

    Its a great idea really !!!

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