Indian Mergers & Acquisitions touches USD 42.76 Billion


After a lack-lustre 2008 and 2009, this year seems to have been great for Indian Mergers & Acquisition scene. Infact, through-out this year there have been constant stream of M&A deals.

According to report released by Grand Thornton 46 M&A deals took place in October amounting to USD 530 Million.

Grant Thornton

Here are some of the highlights of M&A survey

  • This year corporate India has announced 546 M&A deals worth USD 42,759 million.
  • The amount is highest in last two years both in terms of value as well as number of deals.
  • In October USD 390 Million worth of outbound deals were stuck.
  • Inbound deals where foreign companies acquired Indian businesses amounted to $100 million.
  • The total value of domestic deals in October 2010 was $40 million
  • Pharma, healthcare and biotech sectors were stars attracting five transactions amounting to USD 250 million.
  • Banking and financial services attracted USD 68.39 million worth of deals, while IT and ITeS  saw $56.22 million.
  • The total value of M&A, PE (Private Equity) and QIP (Qualified Institutional Placement) deals in October stood at $1.88 billion.
  • PE deals amounted to $310 million through 26 transactions, there were 10 Qualified Institutional Placements (QIP) valued at $1.04 billion during October 2010.

    give me detail & list of indian company in 2008 to 2010

  2. Dr Romila iyer says

    Hi Arun ,
    Happy new year to you & your family .

    Had an opportunity to read your articles on M & A other related articles. and found very informative , especially the statistics part. Thanks .

    Have you any info on Veterinary industry ?


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