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Last updated: September 29, 2014 at 11:23 am

ROCKMELT – Browser specially designed for social media Freaks!

Ok so enough and more has been spoken about social media in general. So much so that you must be wondering, what are we going to see next? But then in the world of technology, nothing has a very long shelf life. INNOVATION is the word which all the technology freaks live by and that’s what is the name of the game in a changing field.

The technological world was abuzz with the news of the launch of the Facebook browser – Rockmelt. And after months of speculation, rumours and what not, it’s finally here.

So what’s Rockmelt all about?


Rockmelt is a social web browser created to give individuals a feel of the social web space at all times. It will initially allow posting updates on Twitter and Facebook. With time, it would add other social media sites to its repertoire.

But Rockmelt is not the first!

Flock, a MySpace version of Firefox and Ubiquity, a web browser by Mozilla used to update social networking websites have been there before for the same use. There are also a number of add-ons which can be added to web browsers so as to develop the social networking dashboards for an individual. This shows that the idea is not new and Rockmelt isn’t something of the next generation in web browsers.

So then, what’s special about Rockmelt? 

There are some features which people who sleep, eat and live on the online world will cherish. Once logged in to the browser, a person can connect it to his friends circle on Facebook and Twitter. The friends and favourite sites are displayed on the slim sidebars or edges.

The person’s display pic is on the edge on the left at the top. The friends who the person interacts with the most are at the bottom of the display pic. A chat or message can be sent to a friend by clicking on his / her photo. Images and videos can also be shared by dragging them on top of the friend’s photo. The edges on the right have the icons for the services Rockmelt offers that is Twitter and Facebook. They also have spaces to add RSS feeds for individuals favourite sites.

The edges though very thin – that is less than 50 pixels in size do add some extra visual issues. All the user data on Rockmelt is stored in the cloud and managed in such a way that one can see his / her own customized version of the browser no matter where he / she has logged on.

When a person uses the web search box in the browser, there is another window pane which shows the top 10 latest search results as real web pages and not just snapshots.

Hit / Flop?

Everything about Rockmelt is based on Facebook, be it signing in, chatting or even posting on the wall. At best it could be an interesting experience for those Twitter users who are also on Facebook.

Despite the fact that Facebook centricity is an attempt to differentiate itself from the other web browsers in the market, the open web experience of Rockmelt seems to be disappointing.

Final word

Another in the long line of niche web browsers!

With Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla there, can others manage to take away some market?


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