“Officially Unlocked” iPhone 4 selling on Infibeam !!


Now this has come as a big surprise to me – Infibeam has started selling iPhone 4 in India at a price of Rs. 38,299 for a 16 GB model. There are multiple surprising aspects about this…

iPhone 4 India

Firstly, they are calling this phone as “Officially Unlocked iPhone”. I really don’t know what that means? Does it mean that these are U.S iPhones and have been unlocked by Apple for India? I highly doubt that. If they had to do that, they would have first launched it through Telecom carriers.

Secondly, if it is a legitimate phone for India – Why call it “officially unlocked at all”?

It is my feeling that these phones are picked up from grey market and there is nothing really official about it ! These are grey market iPhones. So if you are planning to buy it, please consider all the risks of buying a Grey Market product.

Now, having said that, Infibeam clearly offers 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, so there is still a small doubt in my mind that it may actually be a genuine official iPhone.

Also, Infibeam has iPhone 4 in stock and orders are shipped in 2-3 days time at following costs:

  • Apple IPhone 4G 16 GB (Officially Unlocked) – Rs. 38,299/-
  • Apple IPhone 4G 32 GB (Officially Unlocked)Black / white  – Rs. 43,479/-

So what is your take? Is it a grey market phone or has Infibeam really struck a deal with Apple and selling phones officially. Let us know if you know something more than we do !

  1. Jay Bharat says


  2. vipin says

    hii, i have new unused unlocked iphone4 32gb to sell at 38000rs. I got it from london, and anyone intrested to buy contact me at [email protected].

  3. Piyush Aggarwal says

    I want iPhone 4 Factory Unlocked, when will apple launch it in India ????
    There are many phones available in the grey market, but I am little skeptical about them, so does anyone know about the official release ???????

    1. Ricky says

      I have iphone 4 16gb phones from apple store Singapore. It is factory unlocked and in sealed boxes. All manufactured on 11th week of 2011. (You can identify that from the S/N). You can email me @ [email protected] if interested and I will provide you the price.

    2. nripesh says

      hi piyush I can provide you an iphone4 unlocked box packed with all accessories. if interested contact me – [email protected]/09804247139

  4. Yaseen says

    Hi. i am from the UK, i regularly sell phones to customers in India. For factory unlocked iPhone 4 unit please contact me at yaseen200 @ hotmail com

  5. Sanjay Malik says

    I need apple 4g Factory unlocked

  6. Alister says

    They are just selling iPhones that they buy in places like UK where it is sold SIM-free. You can just pop in any SIM card of any country and it will work. I have one myself. Cost me 599 Pounds for the 32 GB version.
    Check out Apple UK online store and you can verify this.

    And yes, White is not available anywhere as it has not been released yet at all. The reason why they might have mentioned White is because Apple itself mentions that it is available in Black and also White on their official site!

  7. sohil says

    iphone 4 cost only $199 in usa for 16gb
    not a big deal they can purchase it in usa and can smuggle it in india ,jailbreak is a software which anyone can download for free and can use it for cracking iphone.
    i really dont know about iphone sold at the different websites whether they are original or duplicate or legal or illegal,it is big risky thing to purchase it from such sites,better to purchase from apple stores.

  8. Jai Anand says

    no its not legal

  9. Anish KS says

    Is it legal ?.

  10. Jai Anand says

    Infibeam themselves don’t sell these phones, these are by the vendors or the sellers at infibeam, they only take certain amount of commission.
    By “officially unlocked they may mean to say its not jailbroken, these are being sold at every site so its not a new deal, but yes everything is illegal, but acc. to cyber act they cannot be held responsible as the way they make their MoU with the vendors is like they take whole responsibility for the listing, so at the end only vendor will be responsible for all mess, that’s the reason they display at their website so freely.

  11. Basant says

    How can it be possible…apple hasn’t yet launched the White iPhone 4 anywhere in the world….it’s gotta be fake….

  12. Manshu says

    The White iPhone 4 is not even out in the US yet, so I am highly skeptical of this.


  13. dreamz2achieve says

    Highly mysterious.

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