Android Apps Developers Smile – Android market supports Paypal now !


One of the major issues that Android App developers in many countries face is – They are just not able to publish their Android based Apps.


Android App market supports only Google Checkout platform which is not supported in many of the countries world-wide as yet. The recent news should make them smile though.

It is now pretty clear that Paypal will soon announce its support for Android Market. Infact, a blog post had already gone up on the Paypal blog earlier today, however, it seems that it was pulled down seconds later. According to the Techcrunch post, the reason is because, Paypal wants to announce this new development at PayPal’s X Innovate conference which is going to be held today.

Here is the Google Cache snapshot of the announcement which had temporarily appeared on the blog.


Although, this is a good news – Indian Paypal users have been facing lot of issues lately, and only time will tell how helpful this is for Indian Android developers. Bur as they say – Something is better than nothing Smile

  1. Viren Nauts says

    I think I done wrong by bought the ace.

  2. Viren Nauts says

    I think I done wrong by bought the ace.

  3. Yogesh says

    Any news on this ?

    Thanks & Regards / Yogesh

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