Google Music Search for India Launches and it rocks !


Have you visited Google Music Search for Indian Audience ? if you have not, Go check out yourself…

It Rocks !


As Google is with all its web properties – The interface is as simple as it can get. You can start hearing the songs literally in just one click (Search and Click). Even a newbie will not go wrong with it. It is fast and simple and it rocks (did I say that again)

Yes, there are some obvious features missing – like creating playlists, saving them, sharing etc., but it is after all a music search engine, with an additional benefit of listening to songs without leaving Google Music site.

Google does not host any of the music files (atleast that’s what I assume). It just aggregates and presents. Most of my searches returned music from sites like, Saregama and even from When you click on the searched music link, it opens up a small played window of the host site and starts playing the music.

Now, this could definitely prove counter-productive to music sites that are offering these songs, as the they will not be getting any additional traffic (except for small player window) from Google search, infact, if anything, they will loose traffic to Google search given the larger database of songs.

It will be interesting to see how traffic gets affected for Indian Music search Engine, guruji, or even for that matter other song sites like

I, for one, will now go to Google Music search for all my song requests…How about you?

  1. Pradeep says

    Interesting..for sure they will loose some of the traffics specially when some one want to just listen a song. But if i want to download the song then have to go to the hosted site and that way those sites will gain traffic as well :)

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