Social Media replacing cold calling in sales?


Social media as a topic has been beaten to death over a period of time. Here on as well, many of our earlier posts deal with this topic. But recently I came across an article – “The impact of social media on cold calling”.

It made my mind think and analyse about social media on a different level altogether.

Since the beginning of the corporate culture, cold calling has been the first and most preferred strategy used by companies to make people buy their products. Today, with time obviously things have changed. But the basics of the strategy still remain the same. “Call as many people as possible and somehow convince them to buy your product.” Sales representatives are given commissions based on the number of people they convert.

But since the time social media has emerged on the scene, the big talk among corporate honchos is whether it be a feasible alternative to cold calling. Let us analyse the intermix of cold calling and social media from three different perspectives.

In cold calling, a sales representative goes all out to sell his / her products. Their main aim is to sell as much as possible through cross selling and up selling. For this he has to keep the customer on the line for a long period of time. Basically it is a technique of selling rather than making people ask for the product.

In social media, the various free tools like Twitter, Facebook etc. give the people the control over what they are buying. This way the customers are attracted more by the social side of the company and a stronger interaction can be forged.

Appealing to the emotional aspect of a human is one of the most important things while making a sale. If a company isn’t able to achieve that objective, it is a failure.

In cold calling it gets very difficult to appeal to the emotional side. But by using social media, one can create interest groups and also use various tools to get customer feedback.

A prospective customer makes a purchase decision only when he knows about the advantages of using the product. In cold calling one can mention some advantages and send some brochures etc. But using social media one can share links from websites, reviews from other users and the customers can also consult family and friends before making the decision.

In the end, it all comes down to where the prospective customers as well as current customers for a company are located. It all depends on how they want to communicate with the company.

I am of the view that social media and cold calling can beautifully coexist with each other.

What do you think?

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  2. Pradeep says

    Agree.. Social media can be a good tool given the popularity. But then we need to know to whom we wish to sell. I have some friends who are not in It and they login to net almost every week mostly during weekend.. but they have their profile on all those popular social media sites..

    Also these days even incase of cold calls, people tend to say send in the details in my email and will get back to you. so for such cases social media could be a good tool

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      Yeah as I said, it all depends on where the target audience is present..

  3. ANSHUL GUPTA says

    Of Course! The alignment of these different Marketing mediums is the key to success. One can’t do without the cooperations from others.


  4. guntur says

    I do agree with author. Social media playing major role in web now a days.

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