Top Spamming Country is America–India comes a distant 2nd


North Americans send maximum spam in the world – Infact, they send approx. 2.5 times that of 2nd placed country – India.

U.S.A accounts for 18.60 percent of all the spams mail sent across the world.

Top Spam Relaying Countries

Top Spamming Countries

Rank Country Spam Percentage
1 USA 18.60%
2 India 7.60%
3 Brazil 5.70%
4 France 5.40%
5 UK 5.00%
6 Germany 3.40%
7 Russia 3.00%
8 S Korea 3.00%
9 Vietnam 2.90%
10 Italy 2.80%
11 Romania 2.30%
12 Spain 1.80%
13 Others 38.50%

These are the findings of the the latest stats from SophosLabs, showing the "dirty dozen" spam-relaying countries for the third quarter of this year.

Top Spam Relaying Continents

Top Spamming Continents

While North America top the country charts, Asian region is collectively responsible for maximum spamming!

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