Windows Phone 7: Really A Different kind of Phone ?


Jumping on the bandwagon of manufacturing Smartphones’ platform, Microsoft today launched a “fresh start for the Smartphone” with its latest and greatest Windows Phone 7.

Let’s see some of the features and analyse why Microsoft claims it is “a different kind of phone” and a “game changer for Microsoft”:-


Live Tiles

It’s the only phone with Live Tiles which makes it quick and easy to things users frequently access. In other words, the Start screen on Windows Phone 7 puts what’s most important to phone users front-and-centre, making it obvious and accessible. This is to me is a great feature as it will eliminate as low as 3 steps on my iPhone to access FB. Great job Microsoft!


People’s Hub

Efficient packaging of things or bringing things together. Windows Phone 7 has the people’s hub feature only phone which brings your contacts and other social media really close together. What it effectively means is less clutter and brings your FB and contacts together. The Me card feature allows you to access multiple social networking platforms from your phone.

Pictures Hub

There’s plenty of entertainment content for all users in the latest Microsoft phone . The pictures hub enables you to click pictures and send it to FB or other social networking site from the same place. So you don’t have to perform click-store-send cycle anymore. MSFT has also leveraged its Zune platform in the music and video hub which makes syncing from your PC, carrying your collection really easy.

The FM radio is an advantage and the hi-res screen is great for videos and movies. After using Zune’s platform over the years, I can safely say that it’s much better than iTunes dull and plain vanilla platform. Ohh… Did I mention Xbox live feature on Win 7 Phone?

Office Hub

Still not impressed, how about managing all the Office features on your phone with Office Hub. I mean that’s what is called Productivity on the go. So not only you have regular Excel, Powerpoint, Word but OneNote as well. OneNote is capable of voice clips and all the office applications can be synced wirelessly! If that’s not enough you even have SharePoint access on your phone! This feature makes this phone a true winner.


There are plenty of apps that are supported on this phone. Though not many may apply in India but sooner or later they will. So you have maps, news, Netflix, IMDB app, ebay apps and other 3rd party apps with this.

Windows Marketplace

The success of phone is still to be determined but I am really impressed by the quality of screen and other action packed features in this phone however as of now there are no plans of it being launched in India, which is sad. I am sure though that with Android gaining significant market in India Microsoft will speed up its latest mobile offering in India and we all will embrace it.

The platform will be initially launched in 10 handsets of which Dell’s Venue Pro looks most promising.

The complete list of phones:-

  1. HTC 7 Surround — The 3.8-inch T8788 with slideout speaker for AT&T and Telus
  2. HTC HD7 — Schubert comes of age as a 4.3-inch HD2 cousin for T-Mobile and beyond
  3. HTC 7 Trophy — the 3.8-inch Spark headed to international carriers
  4. HTC 7 Mozart — another heavily leaked int’l player with 3.7-inch display
  5. Dell Venue Pro — 4.1-inch portrait QWERTY slider for T-Mobile we broke as Lightning
  6. Samsung Focus — AT&T’s 4-inch Super AMOLED slate we broke as Cetus
  7. Samsung Omnia 7 — the i8700 is a 4-inch Super AMOLED jobbie for Europe
  8. LG Optimus 7/7Q — the E900 is the official 3.8-inch global workhorse
  9. LG Quantum — AT&T’s 3.5-inch landscape slider first seen as the C900
  10. HTC 7 Pro — a 3.6-inch QWERTY slider for Sprint (2011)

It will be interesting few years for the Smartphone market but rest assured it will only get better.

So tell us – What do you think? Windows Phone 7..A hit or a miss?

  1. Ravi says

    havent used a Windows phone yet but let me tell you MSFT has definitely improved a lot in terms of resource usage.

    I have tested Zune and iTunes and Zune with all its nice graphics came out to be a winner! I hope MSFT have made sure resources are well dealt with in Win 7 phone.

  2. Yash says

    Windows mobile is a steller OS but the earlier versions had all the negatives that we associate with Windows. It was slow, (rebooting my HTC Windows mobile 5.0 used to take good 5-10 minutes) and resource hogging – Battery would not last for more than a day and if it cant a network the battery would drain in an hour!

    If Windows has to succeed in the market which is being gobbled up by Android it has to be fast, it has to be light on resources and has to have very good apps.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yash, you are absolutely right…My main worry about WIndows is the resource usage. Yes, they give some great features and UI…but if it is going to takes ages to access all these features, then it is a big downside..

      I really want people to start using it and give feedback…I will not be forming an opinion till then for sure..

      1. Amit says

        Andriod phones such as HTC Desire are quite resource hungry too.
        The battery on it last hardly 6 hrs.

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