2 IPL teams axed- IPL Future in stake?


After IPL-3 things have changed. We won’t have ‘The Boss’ (Lalit Modi) of IPL and we won’t be having 2 of the big teams, one of which won the very first IPL. Yes, Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI are banned from next season of IPL for violating the Franchise Agreement. Although it’s  a sad news for Owners of these teams, but not so for BCCI- They will be having a fresh auctions for the players of these teams so that key players don’t lose much from this ban.


Although many other (not so famous) players will definitely feel the heat. Other losers will be the respective states as Stadiums will remain unused during IPL. No one knows whether IPL-4 will be as successful as it’s predecessors or not but everyone is surely going to miss the execution capabilities of Mr. Modi. Lalit Modi treated IPL as his baby and his passion was visible everywhere- inside stadiums and on twitter.

Modi in his recent tweet said that “BCCI is destroying IPL” in response to it’s decision of banning Royals and Kings XI. This may very well be true because whatever the case, BCCI will never be able to execute IPL the same way Lalit Modi did.

Despite all this Sony is expecting revenues in the tunes of Rs. 10 billion from IPL-4. But few questions will arise after yesterday’s decision of banning two teams-

  • What will happen to the total number of matches which were increased from 60-74? If they are brought down to 60 again (or may be less, if Kochi is also axed) what will happen to projected revenues.
  • What will happen to the Captaincy of Shane Warne and Yuvraaj Singh?
  • Can there be more teams getting a ban? In such case will it not affect the image of IPL as a whole?

In the name of cleaning IPL, I hope BCCI doesn’t clean-up IPL. What’s your thought on this?

  1. naresh kumar says

    why you play in ipl match in india in large amount weasted in one man why other people no choice

  2. Sav @ Custom T Shirt says

    Sad part of the game, according to me its all due to the over commercialization of cricket.

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