Mahindra aiming to create a flutter in every two–wheeler segment! Can they do it?


Mahindra is one of India’s most diversified business houses with interests ranging from the automotive industry to the luxury yacht sector. But despite this, even today the first mention of M & M’s name brings the vision of them as an automotive market leader. With vehicles ranging from Logan to Bolero to Mahindra Tractors, they seem to have occupied every segment, which now includes even Two Wheelers !

Mahindra2Wheelers was formed after buying off the assets of Kinetic Motors two years ago – upon which they launched two scooters Rodeo and Duro last year and followed that launch with Stallio this year (last week to be specific).


So you will ask me what’s so great about it. Aren’t they just another of the big players entering the market after Hero Honda, Yamaha and their likes?

Stallio launched last week is an 110cc indigenous made motorbike priced about Rs 41 – 44000. This is fit enough to compete against Hero Honda’s Splendor, CD Passion & Dawn, Bajaj’s Discover and Star and also newer brands like Yamaha’s YBR10 and Honda’s CB Twister. So then what is so special that will make me buy Stallio?

But you can always trust M & M to bring in something new and exciting on the table. Many of the features seen on Stallio like the LED lamp, acceleration meter etc. are ones which are normally available on more expensive 150cc models like Apache and Pulsar.

With their next bike ‘Mojo’ priced at about Rs 1.75 lakh, M & M is also entering the high end bikes segment. Even though this maybe still a minor segment to target, the entry of players like Harley Davidson and other high end models of Suzuki and Honda makes one look at it with enthusiasm. Moreover, this is also their attempt to showcase their technological prowess as they recently bought an Italian design and engineering company called “Engines and Engineering”.

Mahindra Mojo

Over the next few years, M & M has plans for many launches in both the motorbike and scooter segments. And with them gaining a 10% market share in the scooter segment in just a year of operation, you can dare to count them off at your own risk.

What is your take – Can Mahindra go on to become a leading brand in two-wheeler segment ?

  1. Amit Bhide says

    Since buying kinetic, M&M brought 2 new models rodio and duro to market which essentially were remakes of the existing nova 135 and flyte scooters with new engines. But since last 2 years mahindra have not sold vehicles anywhere near in comparison with activa or suzuki or TVS scooty. They did manage some nos. but it is far from what you can call a leading 2 wheeler brand.

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      Yeah I completely agree with you on that. But then they have managed to get a 10% market share in the scooter segment for nothing. Give them some time and I am sure they will rock the world of 2 wheelers

  2. Yaamini says

    Mahindra is a trusted brand…the bikes look cool and have good features…they ll surely do well in the market

  3. godwin tham says

    It looks ugly ‘khajuraho on wheels’ or we can say it suits a person who is like Rajinikanth

    1. Dinesh says

      The bike s very cool and the features prove its gonna b a hit throught the world whereva ther r sales!! @ godwin tham, Wat the fuck assole, the bike s actually thing of a future for a dumb ass like you!!! and don even try to talk about SS rajnikanth, he s earned his respect like no other man in India.. don try to act as a shit over this portal by reviewing some nonsense..

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