Unbelievable…How a New Zealand Broadcaster ridicules Indian Chief Minister on Live TV!!


When I saw this – I could not believe my eyes and ears ! See what New Zealand TV Broadcaster speaks about Delhi Chief Minister Ms. Sheila Dixit on Live T.V. The worst part is he not only ridicules her, but justifies it saying –

“She is an Indian – How appropriate”

This is something very very serious – and I would be really surprised, if it does not generate a real uproar !!

Check Out this Youtube Video – I still can’t believe it…

I am speechless that someone could speak like this about high ranking Indian Diplomat !

  1. you're clueless says

    This is an article about NZ and yet you all rant about Australia. Why? Is Pakistan relevant here?

    Australia didn’t praise the C/wealth Games opening ceremony? So that article:
    “India put on its best face on Sunday night and pulled off a brilliant opening ceremony that was extraordinary in its ambition and execution” didn’t praise? You can’t even argue your point properly.

  2. Savithri Nadmichettu says

    it shows how ignorant and stupid pinheads are these bastards, you should be hauling shit instead of broadcasting.Go dip your faces in the her shit you ugly bastards.

  3. jeevan says

    first of all he shold understand what is the culture of india.
    im bet that the whole people in that countrie together can’t study the culture in their whole life time,
    I think he may not aware of Chals Dickense, in this case he may pronounse him something else.
    So better we should not respond harshly to that to spoil our harmony and peace.
    We know our lady Shila Dixit and she knows her people in this country and how well she is administrating her state, that is why she is selected contineously from their , may be this man can’t even study her breavness and leadership quality.
    Let us stop here.

  4. balaji yadhav says

    The racist Kiwi TV Host has resigned and that should be the end of that.
    Time to put am end to this conversation.

  5. Ravi Trivedi says

    finally henry resigns. here is a response to my complaint to tvnz

    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing to us regarding Paul Henry – by now you possibly have
    had the update. Just in case you haven’t here it is – one from TVNZ CEO
    Rick Ellis and also, below it, one from Paul that he wrote himself:

    10 October 2010

    Statement from Rick Ellis, CEO, TVNZ

    Paul Henry and I met earlier today and Paul offered me his resignation,
    which I have accepted.

    In doing so, I offer my sincere apology on behalf of myself and TVNZ, to
    all those who have been offended by Paul’s inappropriate on-air

    I will be apologising in person to the Governor General.

    I also apologise to the Indian community, both here and in India.

    Paul has many loyal supporters and there will be those who question
    whether his resignation was the right outcome.

    I believe Paul has done the right thing.

    The reality is that his comments have split the community and damaged
    New Zealand’s international relationships, and there is no going back
    from that.

    We will all be aware of other broadcasters and public figures who have
    said or done things to cause controversy, without such a serious

    Paul is not the first broadcaster to step over the line, and I expect he
    won’t be the last – but there are factors at play here that have taken
    things to a unique level.

    I commend him for his decision.

    As an organisation committed to the principals of free speech it is our
    job to steer a course between the sometimes conflicting demands of
    freedom of opinion and respect for others.

    This is not always easy. However what is clear as an outcome of this
    episode is that any suggestion of racism, whether intended or not, is
    unacceptable. We are quite clear about that.

    I would like to acknowledge the thousands of Paul’s supporters who have
    contacted us and who will be disappointed at this outcome. I have a
    stack of emails on my desk fully 20cms high.

    To those people, I would ask you to consider the consequences to Paul
    and to the country of continuing a situation that has generated a
    divisive debate and continuing hurt for others.

    As Chief Executive and Editor-In-Chief I need to assure New Zealanders
    that the necessary steps are being taken to avoid this happening again.

    As in other media organisations, there’s a fine balancing act between
    giving people freedom to express their opinion – which is critical in a
    democracy – and causing offence.

    Last week I asked News and Current Affairs management to begin reviewing
    the company’s editorial policies and presenter code of conduct, and in
    particular, practices around live broadcasts.

    TVNZ News and Current Affairs produces hundreds of hours a year of live
    programmes and the guidelines have generally stood our operations in
    good stead. It is timely to review them.

    I very much hope that Paul’s resignation will demonstrate his profound
    regret and offer an opportunity for healing.

    Statement By Paul Henry:

    I have resigned from TVNZ, effective immediately.

    It is no longer practical in the current environment for me to do the
    job I was employed to do, and have so enjoyed doing. It is also
    difficult for TVNZ to get on with the business of being a first class
    broadcaster as long as I remain.

    I have apologised twice, and have meant every word. I again apologise
    to all those who were genuinely hurt by what I said.

    However, it is clear that things have now reached a point where my
    actions will have to speak louder than my words.

    I am astonished and dismayed that my comments have created a diplomatic
    incident. My style is conversational and of course unscripted. I walk
    the finest of lines and accept that I have inadvertently crossed it from
    time to time.

    But I recognise the realities of the situation.

    I do not want to continue to be used as a lightning rod for racial
    disharmony in this country. Likewise, I certainly do not want to have
    my elderly mother staked out at her nursing home by tabloid media, as
    has happened this weekend.

    I will miss the professionalism and friendship of the brilliant
    production team I have worked with, and I will miss the fun and
    satisfaction of having doubled the audience for Breakfast in the last
    few years. The programme is great – and I’m sure its success will

    To be honest, most of all I’ll miss Pippa.

    I am grateful to the many thousands of people who have offered their
    support to me. I hope they will understand and accept that an
    extraordinary convergence of circumstances has made this action

    I am saddened by this whole episode – sad that I crossed the line in the
    first place, and sad that an employer I have always served with pride
    has had to suffer slings and arrows.

    To all those who have enjoyed Breakfast – thank you. It has been a
    privilege to have been part of your mornings for the last seven years.

    Thanks for your email.

    Kind regards

    Christine Wilton
    Communications Executive

  6. M.Balasubramaniam says

    Hello I do not know from wher this ORANGUTHAN has come and joined your channel. Hi joker you try to act smart ass****

  7. sri says

    f*** that m f**r if he is in front of me i will kill that p*** m f****r.sorry fro the bad words i am so upset today.we cann’t do any thing about this???????????

  8. Indian says

    Mr. Henry do you know what we call a DICK in hindi in India???????????????


    how can anybody joke about some country’s political leader on live telelvision..its disgusting …he should apologise to mrs. sheila dixit in person…its very pathetic of him.and not once but he said it so may times laughing.

  10. Mutual Respect says

    One of the most effective ways to deal with people like this racist is to let his countryman know that his action will have consequences. All Indian and people of Indian decent should band together to send a clear message to the NZ government that unless his is sacked and made to apologize to people of India and people of Indian decent, that they will boycott NZ products and services for say one month. Based on the the NZ TV3 Campbell LIve poll results tonight in NZ, this racist has 60% of support from the NZ public, it just show you how deep racism is in NZ.

  11. Tufail Ahmad says

    hi frnds, as u all are aware and many things i came to know after reading comments about ex-president and all, it is clear that nothing will happen in this regard. so dont boil ur blood.

  12. Asser Abdul Aziz says

    Can anyone please tell me why this crack was named Paa-ool Hen – Reee ? Is it because his mother was like a hen in the street f*****d by all cocks in the street…Reeee!!

  13. Asser Abdul Aziz says

    Yes, this idiot’s racial slurs are completely unacceptable.But the fact is so many of them in the western media are racists.There are so many examples.Why it is happening again and again especially against Indians? I think there could be several reasons.Most important is the way Indians usually respond.Often we try to ignore this.Indians should react strongly to this. (Politically and whenever possible physically-this guy should not be allowed to get out of India without learning a lesson.)
    Second reason is simple jealousy. Indians who have migrated to other countries are all doing better than the natives.Typical example is that from Australlia. Whether it is in the Universities or in the Cricket field, when Aussies found it difficult to outsmart Indians they began attacking us. The third reason is that there are many cowards and people like Mr.Joseph George among us who find some excuse to cover up their timidity.

  14. Samuel Martin says

    NZ is the pariah of the pacific rim, these people can’t even speak english without people laughing at them………and they are happy poking fun at someone else’s name

  15. indian says

    i will put my shit on his face n d**k in his nose..manner less creature,he z a cartoon..

  16. pramendra . says

    most of the indian politicians should b harassed,insulted & hanged till their death cuz they make our life like hell ! corruption,crime & no justice for poor
    & what abt ms sheela dixit ? well, d u think she deserved to b a CM of delhi ?
    she simply ashamed our nation by their crooked action with their follower politicians
    she simply one single thief in the group of thieves who did the 600 crore rupees project by d huge amount of 70 thousands crore ,thats how they ruined our nation by increasing the poverty & corruption !

  17. a says

    that guy should be kicked

  18. KM says

    here’s the end paragraph to the e-mail:

    This episode has seriously made me reconsider my previously held perceptions about the culture and accuracy of the country being truly multi-cultural and pluralistic. The lack of proactive action by the Government of New Zealand has also made me question its commitment to the same principles. Though an action now would be reactive, indicating responsiveness to protests and acknowledgement of hurt cased, I sincerely wish it had been swift and proactive (especially because within my definition of pluralistic global norms his comments and behavior do not belong on state sponsored/owned television, and are reflective of a bigoted high-school bully).


  19. KM says

    this is the e-mail I sent to the New Zealand High Commision

    High Commissioner Rupert Holborow
    New Zealand High Commission
    Sir Edmund Hillary Marg
    New Delhi 110 021

    Respected High Commissioner:

    I am certain that the remarks by TVNZ breakfast show host Paul Henry have been brought to your attention, and official protests have been lodged with the High Commission.

    As a citizen of India, I would like to lodge a strong protest with the High Commission not only about Mr. Paul Henry’s remark, but also the fact that Mr Henry is on state-sponsored television. Through lack of immediate disciplinary action the “pluralistic” and “multi-cultural” Government of New Zealand has signaled that it implicitly condones Mr. Henry’s remarks. That it finds his comments to fall within acceptable societal norms of discourse, and thus worth continuing his state sponsorship on TVNZ.

    It would be inaccurate to say his comments were bad, poor taste, impulsive. As he admits he has been aware of her and her name for a while. This leads me to believe that it was deliberate, well-thought, given some time before he decided to take it on air. The number of times he repeats it, indicates the dogged intent of continuing with his plan. In context, he was suspended for his recent statement questioning if the Governor-General of New Zealand — “Is he even a New Zealander?”. To me, this points to a pattern of deep-seated bigotry, and makes me question what are the the acceptable social norms of expression in New Zealand.


    The above is an excerpt, feel free to adapt as you like. I also included the transcript of the show as a P.S.

  20. Seeni says

    Mr Joseph George,

    Try to be humen

    We know the strength of the dirty white pigs, as for as I have seen 90% of the whites are bottom level idiots(may be like you) don’t ever try to defend matters like this. If you have any furthur quries i can give my contact number just mail me.

  21. Varun Singh Chauhan says

    This was really ridiculous. How can somebody say like that and then keep on repeating it……………..and how could he say that about ‘Indians’ in general……….BASTARD

    Its good to hear that he has been suspended but he should be sued for such an act.

    @Joseph: whatever opinion you or that bastard may have about Ms. DIXIT, the words used in that video were not inappropriate and more so because ‘Indians’ were also referred. Please be little more responsible while expressing you thoughts.

  22. Jay says

    Oh please, calm down!!

    I’m Indian (albeit British born, but Indian nonetheless) and have found the name Dixit funny as hell for as long as I remember. Does that make me racist? No, simply pronouncing words in the form of puns. No big deal!! My name is Gagan but gets pronounced “Gaygan” on many occassions. I don’t accuse those people of being racist or of having any intention of being so. It happens globally, mainly due to various languages and dialects. Accept it, move on, or do you lead such sadistic lives that you just cannot breathe without resolving the issue?!

  23. Kumar says

    The remarks only show the crude taste (and education?) NZ TV persons. Criticism of any of our officials for their acts/policies may be ok, but this should make every NZian hang his.her head in shame! Shame on you NZ!

  24. Ranjith Menon says

    this guy is a mad person and we can see the co anchor is just trying to correct to this chimpansy figured face (paul hen) but that idoit does not know how to pronounce the DIXIT !!!!

    any way: let me say my comments here;
    He is an asshole… and the entire KIWIS are also fuckers screwing his loose asss

    let indian govt should throw out the kiwis from CWG village without wasting time

  25. Joseph George says

    Ms deleted is ultimatley responsible for what happens in Delhi. And if the rest of India was put to shame, due to what was shoved under her carpet hoping no one would have noticed, she NEEDS to go, flushed out!

    If Indians don’t have the balls to acknowledge and confont these ghosts within, they should appreciate outsiders pointing the finger at what is claerly not right!

    Mr Arun P, shame on you for crying wolf, and leading us to suspect that you in cahoots with the political goons hell-bent on destroying India!

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Dear Mr. Joseph George,

      I think you are comparing Apples to Oranges. What Paul Henry said was personal insult to a senior Indian diplomat, something that is a borderline criminal act – Whether they are corrupt or not and what they do is completely different than what this jack-ass is talking about on National Television.

      He is insulting not only the minister, but whole of Indians. I am not sure who you are, an Indian or a kiwi, but please go check out some of the groups on Facebook and see how most kiwi’s themselves find this guy more repulsive !

    2. Madhav Shivpuri says

      You, you – Joseph, you have the audacity to call the chief minister “Ms Dick…shit” in your comment!

      Arun – you could either delete this person’s comment or condemn him for using this against our minister. But we cannot tolerate it.

      1. Arun Prabhudesai says

        cant stop freedom of speech, but I have deleted the offending word..

    3. Indian says

      Mr. Joseph George ( George of the jungle) Monkey

  26. SKS says

    dirty mind..! punch on his nose..!

  27. anonymous says

    He could have said this only about an Indian leader because he knows that we are the only people who do not react to this insult.What surprised me was the fact that neither his fellow anchor nor his guest tried to stop him.

  28. Sam says

    This is ridiculous. We can’t let someone poking fun on a live TV like this.

  29. Wendy Brooks says

    Please don’t compare us to Australia! We have much better (albeit imperfect) race relations than them.

  30. Wendy Brooks says

    As a New Zealander I would like to apologise for the offence this man (idiot) has caused! He is deeply embarrasing and has prompted me to start a group on Facebook where those of us who don’t agree with his views can have our say.

    Many, if not most, New Zealanders respect people of other ethnicities. I have been to India and loved the country and her people.

    Sorry again!

    1. KM says

      Wendy it is gracious of you to offer to apologize.

      It is not just about Paul Henry, or his juvenile bigoted comments. Though I find them tasteless and appalling, I am dumbfounded by the action (or lack thereof) of NZ Government.

      It is a Government owned television, and thereby who would you believe bears the ultimate responsibility? Yes, he said it. How many days have passed since? What has happened in the mean time? Has the government done anything at all? What does it really tell you about what is found to be acceptable by the elected representatives of NZ population? I have not heard a single peep out of any elected official. Even if it does — it would be reactive. Absence of moral compass!

  31. Charu says

    Its extremely formidable to watch this happening but this is not the first time rascism has happened against India, this is just another form of that. Being in media doesnt empower him to defame names in any way how i wish these morons would understand that, and not take everything for granted.

  32. Ravi Trivedi says

    Such racial slurs are completely unacceptable. The question is what can we do from here. Here are two suggestions
    1) Join Facebook groups like – http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-am-boycotting-TVNZ-until-they-sack-Paul-Henry/136100193104401?ref=search&v=wall
    or other similar groups.

    2) if you can file a formal complaint at BSA (NZ body) at http://www.bsa.govt.nz/complain-formstandard.php, under violation of Standard 1 and 7. or atleast send a email to TVNZ at http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/816462/869443 expressing dipleasure.

    Lets spread the word around.

  33. rabi gupta says

    But if you actually go and check out Youtube video the comments their by fellow NewZealanders support us. Check this out:
    MiiSSMELZiiE — Paul Henry? is a fucking embarrassment to NZ

    Idiotic things like this never find support anywhere :P

  34. Ksavai says

    There is thin line between being funny and racism and he crossed that.

  35. Abhishek says

    This guy clearly has no respect for India or Indians, he is as filthy as his yellow teeth that he probably has never brushed since he got them. The idiot is laughing at a name that he neither knows the right pronounciation nor themeaning of. He does not even know that he is from a country whose name means dick in hindi. And if Indians were half as mean and idiot as he is, they would be laughing their way to home because of name New Zea Land!! ROFL.

  36. ajay sharma says

    He is one big idiot, I wonder what his name is, and we can mock his name in our language. He is such a big AH.

  37. Yash says

    @Arun, my blood doesn’t boil because I know its pointless. We are a country of cowards who have taken the Gandhigiri shit too far. Heck we don’t even reply to events like 26/11, this is just an insult!

    If we really take offense then we should kick out the NZ team out of CWG. But obviously our government doesn’t have balls to do that, so fuming and boiling blood is pointless.

    But see this is really about racism. The other two people on the show never stop this guy from bullshitting. Aus, NZ ARE racist and we all know that. Everyone praised the CWG opening ceremony except Aussies! Aus and Eng were the last teams to move into the village. It shows their holier than thou mindset. Attacks on Indian students, Sydney test incident a couple of years back where two while players’ testimony was taken into consideration over cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar. It all shows what they really think if us.

    Any way the guy Paul Henry has been suspended by the channel TVNZ. And as Altaf has mentioned we will all forget this unless some news channel gets the clip and starts showing it 24 x 7 till they find an even spicier news.

  38. Jennifer says

    I’d like to find this sorry excuse for a man and a lousy, ignorant human and give him a piece of my mind. I’m amazed at how media takes their power for granted. This is just inexcusable. He should be fired for being such a douchebag.

  39. Altaf Rahman says

    @ Yash,

    Yes. Many “people” redicule Bush. But that is behind the media. If someone criticises Bush, it is about some policy matters, not about his name.

    If any public figure (politicians and broadcasters included) redicules some one in media by his name, race, religion, cast, gender, then it becomes the matter for the government.

    @ Arun,

    Now it is the time for testing the guts of the government. (I am not talking about congress or NDA, its in general – the government of India) how they react.

    Were it about some Chinese, the Chinese government has made the New Zeeland prime Minister bring this broadcaster to Beijing and made him fall on Chinese Prime Minister and made him beg for mercy. I am not joking.
    When Chinese wanted a piece of action in Australian mines business, they throw the highest ranking official of one company (I think it is Rio Tinto or BHP) and forced Aussie govt to open the mines for Chinese investment.

    But see the contrast of Indians !!

    When our most beloved President – Abul Kalam visited Australia, the security personnel at the airport HAVE FRISKED ABUL KALAM – THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA. Protocols do not permit Head of states to be touched while travelling other countries. Even Iranian President cant get touched when he visits US to attend UN meetings. But our President Abul Kalam was frisked at Australian airport.

    But the biggest joke is instead of India reacting sharply, Abul Kaam meekly made it a hush hush. He said they have security concerns. Let them frisk. When I am not carrying anything, why afraid. See the foolish logic? Its not the question of whether Abul Kalaam is carrying anything. Its the question of a lowly security gaurd touching the President of a nation. How dare he? May be your blood boils. But the President made the entire nation ashamed by supporting the action and said India will not persue the matter. This shows how hard our spine is.

    Now compare what happened to our President, how does just laughing at the name of a Chief Minister look ? It will not make Indian Govt angry. At the most they will say its Gandhigiri.

    I am not ashamed because some two bit f*****er called our CM names. I am ashamed of our reaction. I am sure it will not even be mentioned in higher circles.

    This is what will happen. Youtube will remove the clip,
    Indian Ambassodor to NL will act innocent and say he never heard of such thing.
    Our intelligence will say the tape is fabricated.
    Indian govt will say they have no time for such small matters. They are busy attracting NL investment in sheep farming and milk business.
    After two days everybody of us will forget the matter.

  40. Yash says

    Well, don’t we ridicule ex US President George Bush? Everybody does. Even Americans! Sure this is offending and definitely racist. But what can we do? Media people. Some are d**k heads themselves like this one.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Nah, I dont think we ridicule them on live TV broadcast…never ever…and I am surprised that your blood does not boil…because, it is not only Sheila Dixit, but he is ridiculing all Indians !!

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