Android Market Paid Apps Enabled for Indian Phones – App buying explained!


Android Market paid apps for Indian Mobile phones is finally here – Google had announced last week that it will be enabling paid apps for 29 countries including India.

Today morning, I was pleasantly surprised when my Samsung Galaxy Spica started showing paid apps on Android Market. I am sure that in next few weeks I will have number of paid apps. One of the good things about paid apps is that pricing is not really different from US or UK Markets. Most apps are between Rs. 50 to Rs. 200 – and some of the apps are really worth the price.

As expected, Android Market paid apps uses Google Checkout platform. However, there are couple of interesting aspects to paid apps in India. Although, in the market all apps show pricing in rupees, they are mere conversion of either the Dollar or Pound rate of that app.

On the final buying screen, it actually shows the dollar and pound pricing for the app. One can safely assume that Google has put a exchange rate engine in middle which coverts the prices and shows in Android Market.

There is another interesting aspect – Once you have bought the app, you can actually uninstall and ask for refund. See the last screen.

Android Paid App buying Process in India

Android Market Paid AppsAndroid Market Paid Apps Buy ScreenAndroid Market Paid Apps information ScreenAndroid Market Paid Apps information ScreenAndroid Market Paid Apps Credit Card ScreenAndroid Market Paid Apps Add CC ScreenAndroid Market Paid Apps Buy CC Screen9

So there you have it – Much awaited Android Apps are here – Go spend some money now Smile and if you  don’t like it, just uninstall and get the refund…nice !

  1. Rammi says

    Guys check out this interesting Android app ‘Daily Quiz Plus’ where you can play a live quiz competing with your opponents follow the link.

  2. Afters Mastercode secure or visa security Android wallet is not woking.

  3. Arecha Kamble says

    Is it common to root android phone in India?

  4. Malhaar Vedang Kale says

    I guess, not, my debit card gets rejected saying wrong details entered or something like that

  5. Malhaar Vedang Kale says

    I guess, not, my debit card gets rejected saying wrong details entered or something like that

  6. NKV says

    @Nilesh, Unfortunately you can’t purchase through debit card. I have lost some bucks while purchasing through debit card but transactions get cancelled!

  7. Nilesh Sadawarte says

    is it possible through debit card?

  8. Nilesh Sadawarte says

    is it possible through debit card?

    1. Malhaar Vedang Kale says

      I guess, not, my debit card gets rejected saying wrong details entered or something like that

  9. Ravindra Singh says

    Hi ,
    All Professionals,
    I am beginner in android market. i am confused that the anroid apps are paid in india . then issue that how we can grow market in mobile development application in india.

    and which type of apps may grow in market at present time. can we distribute android apps in market.


    1. Yogesh says

      Hey, either your question is incomplete or wider to the indian android market. you have to do more exercise on this :)

  10. Yogesh says

    Hi Arun, now it’s end of jan 2011, any updates on selling android apps in india.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Sorry Yogesh,

      Still there is not news :( . If you are a developer, I suggest you start with a Advertising based model, as there is no solution for this in sight !

      1. Yogesh says

        Thanks for the reply and suggestion,
        how about selling apps through third party as we have so many, can we rely on them?

  11. RSP Rao says

    I have purchased Total recall from Killer Mobile through Google Checkout. This application is not working on my Olivepad loaded with android 2.2. I could not get money refund on uninstall of this application. what should i do.

  12. yuvi says

    I could able to buy a motion detection App : Digital Home Angel Mobile,

    but it didnt allow me to register my bank account to sell any apps

  13. Apurva says

    Dear Arun
    i comliment you for creating such a nice site in India. My Best wishes.

    Anyways, I need your help to sort out my problem. On my recent visit to china, I bought Motorola XT800( Dual GSM+CDMA) Android 2.1 phone. Phone is excellent but i find that Android Market apllication is missing . Instead it has a motorola’s SHOP4APPS.
    Is there a way to install Android Market? also how can i update my version from android 2.1.1 to android 2.2?


    Apurva Gupta

  14. suraj jain says

    for those who Can’t see the “top paid” tab in the market,

    Go to menu >settings->Applications->All->Market and clear data & cache
    start market app again.

    agree to terms n condition and than ur done.

    hope this helps

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Hey Suraj,

      Thanks for the input – I was not aware of it. I just saw the new version automatically. But, I was curious to know whether Market updates itself automatically ? does it ?

    2. Pavan D says

      @ Suraj: I am not able to see the Paid section at all in my samsung galaxy S phone. Do you have a “Clear data” option apart from the “clear cache” option. I dont have that. Please see the below observation and anyone please reply with suggestions.

      1) I find 2 applications running in Apps->All. One is Market and other is Market Updater. Now, market has no option of “clear data”. It only has “clear cache” option. So dont know what to do. Market Updater has clear data as well as clear cache options.

      2) A strange thing here is, when I start the market application, we all will see featured applications right? I see them and some of them have prices next to them as ~410Rs (something like that). When I select the “apps” or the “games” tab above, I dont see the “paid or “top paid” tab. I only see “top free” and “just in”. Now why is this is my question.

      3) I heard from my friend who has a Galaxy spica that the android market “automatically” uninstalled and installed itself when he switched on wifi. He then is able to see paid apps in the market. It happened all automatically. This is not happening on my Galaxy S. Dont know why.

      I did some googling and found that the clear data option missing in market appication is well discussed in a lot of forums. The reasons – unknown.

      Hope you are able to get a picture of my problem.

  15. Sagar Bedmutha says

    Unfortunately, Indians can only buy paid android apps but Indian developers can not sell there. Hope this channel starts soon.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says


      I think it should start very soon. I am looking forward for smsblocker app to be on Android soon…Will be awesome.

      If possible create an apk app for android and I can test it out… :)

  16. Manish Sinha says

    AFAIK, The refund window is only for 24 hours. For a developer, a refund can be for 48 hours. This extra 24 hours is for human intervention and support cases. More information at

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Hi Manish,

      Thanks for the clarification – That is an important one….

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