Commonwealth Games : The ‘Operation Salvage’ has begun… Now, let the Games Begin !


The hullabaloo over the Commonwealth Games (CWG) mess just refuses to die down. Every new day comes with a varied set of allegations and finger pointing incidents – be it collapse of a foot – over bridge outside Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium , filthy and uninhabitable conditions at the 32 towers of the Games Village, the falling ceilings, the bed collapsing incidents or a 4-feet long cobra which was found inside the R K Khanna Tennis Stadium.


The residential blocks at the Games Village have been marked by filthy conditions such as stagnant pools of water, human faeces, unused masonry and discarded bricks that litter the unfinished gardens.

While CGOC chairman Suresh Kalmadi accepts the blame for the mess sorrounding the CWG, he also points out the finger towards government agencies for not delivering the infrastructure on time for the finishing work to be done. Thus, there is no end game to this blame game !

The first batch of international athletes have already started arriving for the Commonwealth Games with the event just a week away. Most of them might well be aware about the murkier game revolving around the Games Village and now could get a look at it themselves – hopefully, with an improved proposition.

Fortunately, all the 71 nations will be present and participating (though with some minor delays) in the games showing their sense of optimism, enthusiasm and commitment for the commonwealth event which has earned a label of ‘Friendly Games’.

The time for critical appraisal of the facilities at the Games venues has passed down. The timely attention of the media in enlightening the short-comings of the event organisation has zeroed in the responsible officials to execute their duties on the war-front since a while now.

However, there should an end-game to this ‘tu tu, mai mai’ and even media should play a loyal role in promoting the same, even as the finishing touches are still being employed with great sense of urgency.

Let the focus roll onto athletes and the skills thriving out there. Today, there are more Indian atheletes at the top of their game now then probably ever before from various field of sports – be it wrestling champion Sushil Kumar, M C Mary Kom who won her fifth consecutive boxing world title recently, Shooting specialist Tejaswini Sawant and Abhinav Bindra, Tennis players Rohan Bopanna and , upcoming swimmer Virdhawal Khade or even aspiring Badminton player Saina Nehwal, just to name a few.

CGF president Mike Fennell has expressed satisfaction with the recent progress and developments at the Games Village with significant resource deployment by the authorities to make good what was a concerning situation. Around 100 stray dogs have been ousted by the civic authorities in coordination with the NGOs.

Finally, the correct thinking is sinking in – Better late, then never! Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has already stepped in and is taking keen interest in remaining updated with the latest developments about the work-in-progress. This top-level intervention will likely speeden-up the pace of finishing touches for the games.

Well, the sun is finally beginning to shine on Delhi and CWG Games… So, let the countdown begin!

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