Indian corporates looking for youth entrepreneurs!


Few days back, I was selected for Airtel’s iCreate, a corporate event where Airtel invited students from top business schools to submit their business plans for few segments in which Airtel operate (mobile entertainment, mCommerce, digital television and rural VAS). They selected 4 entries finally from over 600 entries to present it to top management at Bharti.

What did Airtel get? 600 new ideas on what do youth want!

Business Plan

At the convention, Sanjay Kapoor, CEO and MD Airtel, addressed the audience stating how Airtel has grown over a period of time. He said that any organization starts with EE (Entrepreneur – Entrepreneur). However over a period of time, after growing to a certain limit there is an acute need for professionals to run it. So Professionals started working for Entrepreneurs and hence the organizational structure becomes EP (Entrepreneur – Professional).

The next stage doesn’t take time during global growth, the structure again changes to PE (Professional – Entrepreneur) where each person hired to work for organization is perceived as entrepreneur and the entire team is lead by professionals.

Only concern for such companies is prevent for being PP (Professional – Professional) because the day it becomes that, it stops growing, creating innovation halts. So each company strives hard to remain as PE organization.

This is where the Youth comes in: ‘Entrepreneurs’. Airtel used iCreate as a platform to capture youth’s ideas. Today many such organizations are doing same:

Mahindra and Mahindra has an annual event called ‘Mahindra War Room’ where teams from best B-Schools present their ideas based case studies given by Mahindra on company’s entry in different businesses, positioning differently, etc.

J.P Morgan Chase hosts a global level event called ‘The Deal’ where teams from all over the world works hard to present a solution for a case dealing with M&A, valuation analyzing a company fundamentally and technically.

Directi’s Business case study contest in charting the future of location-based social networks in India. Where they get to interact with students across b-schools as they brainstorm new ideas and debate them.

Avalon Consulting’s Finding Sun Tzu is also looking for youth on social marketing strategies and making business proposition for similar websites.

The company not only brands itself by conducting such corporate event but also collects new ideas (at a very low cost). India’s youth is promising new future in Politics, Sports, Research and now Business. I still wonder there’s huge potential untapped in our youth. How will organizations reach to youth and address their needs making business sense?

Is India Inc. going to be PE?

Your views?

  1. Rishi says

    Hi Rishab,
    can u please pass on your idea to my mail as well??? I could not submit my half-done work due to time constraint. This year I wish to participate.

  2. Kevin Shah says

    Amazing post bro, rightly pointed the journey from ep-pe-pp. Loved the image. It speaks a lot :)

  3. varun Sharda says

    Hey rishabh, congrats for being in top 5 teams for icreate, sadly my team coundnt pass second stage, we gt shortlisted nd wer amongstthe top 26 teams…..:(, can u plss tell me wht sector did u work on nd wht was the idea tht u presented…

    1. Rishabh Bhandari says

      Have mailed u the details :)

  4. Yudhajeet says

    Nice article chikku :-)

    I guess throwing out entrepreneurial notions go hand in hand with the corporates trying to brand themselves in these schools.

    Two sides…one coin…entirely different implications :)

  5. Guha Rajan says

    Very Valid point. Due to ever changing business world, any corporates need to have entreprenuer manager at all level to own, work towards the goals of the organization, have foresight and take calculated risk based on his vision.

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