Bharti Enters Mobile Handset Business – Another blow for biggies ?


This is potentially a big news and something that will surely send down jitters amongst the likes of Nokia’s and Samsung’s. Bharti Enterprise company, Beetel, has announced its entry into Mobile Handset Business and some of the targets it is talking about is sure to shake the competitions.

Bharti Beetel

Lets just recap here a bit – Rewind back to the start of this decade till about 2008 – The Mobile handsets were all about Nokia’s, Motorola’s, Sony Eriksson’s and Samsung’s – and Nokia had been leading the way by a very large margin since Mobile revolution began in India. But suddenly in 2008, many new brands started showing up in the market (I am not talking about Chinese phones), which gave more features and costed less than half.

Before the biggies knew, these Indian brands cornered major chunk of a fast growing Indian Mobile market. In last couple years alone we have over 15 new Indian mobile brands that have been launched. However, the latest addition potentially may pose the biggest problem to current market players.

Beetel, a Bharti Enterprise company, has launched eight handsets in the price range of Rs. 1,750-7,000. What is important is – the entire range of Beetel phones will be Dual or triple SIM phones along with all the standard features like FM Radio and Camera. Some of these include the first gaming QWERTY phone, a triple SIM offering GSM+GSM+CDMA, the first phone to house a complete movie and a 3G phone with an exceedingly well designed and easy user interface.

Beetel has very aggressive growth plans and have set an ambitious target of being among the top five players in the next three years. With the backing of Bharti and its growth, I can see this very much a possibility.

The Mobile handset market is huge and I would not be too surprised if tomorrow Idea, Vodafone, Aircel and other telecom service providers also announce their foray in Handset Business.

What do you think?

  1. Sawan Ruparel says

    Looks good opportunity for small enterprises

  2. Altaf Rahman says

    For a telcom company, entering into a mobile hand set business is organic growth.

    If they start a manufacturing unit, we can say yes they have serious interest to integrate their total business. But most probably they will follow the formula of Micromax, Karbon by placing orders with chinese manufacturers and import units with Bharti name printed on it. They are into this only for the good margins in ever expanding market.

    As per the reports, monthly new connections are 17 million. So even if they take 1% share of the market (by combining telcom service-SIM and handset) its a good business stratagy for them.

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