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Squeaky clean Filtered water? – It may not be so after all!

Esha Deol, Hema Malini and Ahana Deol talking about clean water!
Kajol and Ajay Devgan promoting the importance of purifying the water one drinks!
Smrita Irani saying that it’s every mother’s responsibility to provide clean water!


Kent, Whirlpool, Eureka Forbes and many other companies making water purifiers have for long used brand ambassadors to drive home their message of requirement of clean water. The fact in India that there is highly excessive ground water contamination gives them a strong potential to market its product. Off late they have also come up with new technologies like Reverse Osmosis etc. to guarantee greater purity.

But if a recent study is anything to go, these promises may be really not happening. Pune based National Institute of Virology (NIV) conducted a recent study to find out the following –

  • Most water purifiers in India do not completely eliminate water borne viruses like Hepatitis E
  • Only two of the eight evaluated purifier brands could completely remove the viruses
  • Poor or no standards of evaluation of viruses in the water

The purifiers were tested using the Hepatitis E virus as a model. The viral log reduction value which is the capacity to reduce / eliminate viruses was calculated for each purifier.

This study makes one wonder whether the different purifier brands are really taking us for a ride or whether this is another survey by an independent body which is meant to attract controversy.

Whatever the survey, the following points are very important in case of improving water quality

  • A national survey of water purifiers is necessary so as to maintain effective water quality and also keeping a check on companies which manufacture water purifiers
  • The standards to evaluate water quality should be tweaked to include virological evaluation along with the present bacteriological evaluation of water
  • Using strong oxygenation systems to reduce the bacteria and virus content in the water
  • Encouragement of various communities of people to help improve water quality at their own levels
  • Accountability of companies, agencies or government as the case maybe in case the quality of water is not found satisfactory
  • Encouraging the treatment of waste water and also maintaining the sanitation and cleanliness of the environment
  • Companies should consistently innovate to bring new low cost technologies for maintaining water quality to the fore
  • Reducing the wastage and over use of water: Encouraging water harvesting technologies at an individual and organizational level

Pure-it by HUL and Eureka Forbes have rejected the survey findings for obvious reasons (they would have agreed if results were positive :) – one of the most important reasons being that they didn’t agree with the methods applied. No one will ever know whether the survey is true or false.

But, we, the consumers, often fall prey to the shiny TV commercials that show not-so-real-picture, which sometimes can be quite harmful..What say?

Also, What do you think is the best way to improve water quality in our country?


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  • Well i think the Reverse Osmosis is quite a good system and its proven world over. I am getting it installed this week, but the thing is if you want good clean water you have to get it serviced every 4-6 months (cleaning filters etc.) and i can tell you it costs a lot of money. Heard that it has been installed at the CWG Village.

  • Have you noticed all the soap & disinfectant ads they leave 1-2 virus/germ/whatever-they-call-it to show 99% effect I think every water purifier should also be forced to do that. Like PureIt should say – Ek karode mein se 99,99,998 virus/bacteria maare…

  • Aseem I think you are mistaken There are no water purifers in the world which would make it 100% Pure even the water used in Nuclear Plants are just about 99% Pure. But considering the purity of the Public water supply even removing 70-80% is good enough and remember one thing ALWAYS DRINK BOILED WATER.

    • Hey I didn’t say that water purifiers need to have 100% purity. What I meant was the fact that its sad that despite making promises about water purity, these water purifiers have come out short in these tests. It just makes one wonder whether all those promises are just a means to get more eyeballs for their advertisements.

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