New Twitter – A ploy to pull traffic from Desktop Apps to ?


New is here – and prima-facie it looks really good. A more holistic experience for users visiting Lets look a little beyond that though…

Anyway I look at it – the reason I see for this change is simply bringing in more traffic to website and making users spend more time on it. Even today is one of the most trafficked site in the world being one of the top 10 most visited sites in the world.


However, twitter is also aware that Desktop Apps contribute to huge percentage of overall twitter activity. Majority of active twitter users do not use, but make use of desktop and web apps like Tweetdeck, Seesmic and Hootsuite to carry out nearly every activity on twitter.

If you look at the new features introduced, they are nothing new – Possibly every Desktop 3rd party twitter client already has it. Twitter just offers them on the web with some bells and whistles.


With introduction of new twitter, it is clear that twitter wants share of that Desktop App users pie. Even if it manages to pull half of those users, the traffic can possibly double its traffic. Personally, I am not too sure if I will move to new twitter even with the features it has proposed to offer. Tweetdeck gives much more and for now I am sticking with it.

One feature that twitter really needed to bring was the multi-account support – There seems to be nothing on that front, that surely would have made a lot of difference. Even on some other features like Twitter Lists and annotations don’t get any mention in this new update.

I am not too sure how much traffic Twitter will be able to pull with these new enhancements, but I feel that 3rd party twitter app developers need to start worrying. I am sure twitter will keep coming with features in newer versions that will take users away from 3rd party app developers.

From Twitter’s perspective – they are doing nothing wrong! They do not make anything from the activity originating from Desktop apps. Whatever, the revenue model, they will always be much better placed if they are able to get users to come to

Your thoughts welcome !

  1. rabi gupta says

    It’s a fact now that Twitter don’t want people to spend more time on 3rd party Apps. There recent violation of OAuth (where you can’t auto-tweet ur activities on website) proves that! It’s going to be a nightmare for developers, as they will feel cheated. With people spending 6-7 hours on twitter apps everyday it makes definite sense for twitter to get more of “activity time” on parent site itself. It’s not wrong from business perspective as everyone fears Facebook these days :)

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