Business Buzz: 10 digit landline Number, Blackberry service, CWG Ticket Sales & Chinese Telecom equipment


Fixed line will soon have a 10-digit numbers

Discussions on scarcity of telephone numbers has been going on for quite some time now – We are very soon going to run out of numbers and evasive action needs to be taken. Couple years back TEC (Telecom Engineering Centre) had recommended that Mobile Numbers should be converted to 11 digits, while, TRAI had hinted earlier this year that they will be opening up all levels except numbers beginning with the digit ‘1’, to counter the shortage.

TRAI has now gone ahead and recommended that India should migrate to an integrated numbering scheme for fixed and mobile services by 31st December, 2011. In other words both fixed line and mobile phones will have a 10-digit number. This would make available enough numbers to cater to expansion of existing services and introduction of new services for the next 30-40 years.

This integrated numbering  will also facilitate extension of Mobile number portability (MNP) to fixed lines

Commonwealth Games Tickets will be available at Retail Outlets from Aug. 25th


Ok, here is something about Commonwealth Games, that is not controversial – You can now get your hands on CWG tickets at a retail outlet near you from August 25th. Till date, the tickets could be bought only from the official CWG tickets website.

Here is an interesting trivia though – Off all the tickets sold till now, opening and closing ceremonies have maximum demand (25%), but if you see the sporting events that are attracting maximum spectators are the ones in which India have least chances of winning a Medal (except Hockey).  Athletics (11%), Gymnastic (10%) and swimming (8%) are more popular with ticket buyers than boxing, weight-lifting, tennis and some other sports where India is expected to win more medals. Any guesses why ?

Blackberry to come up with a Solution before August 31st deadline

It seems Blackberry is going to bow down to pressure put by India Government. It is expected that BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion will provide some solution next week to help Indian security agencies access corporate email by obtaining encrypted data in readable format.

I think Blackberry does not have any other option – They cannot jeopardize a Mobile  market that is as huge as India’s. At the same time, it is sure that India is not going to budge down from its demand, as it is perceived threat to National Security. If anything, Blackberry has to provide access to Indian Government in one form or the other. [source]

Government allows 3 Telecom Companies to procure Chinese Telecom Equipment

Like RIM, Chinese Telecom equipment manufacturers also seemed to have bowed down to demands by Indian Government.

India has reportedly allowed three telecom firms-Tata Teleservices, Reliance Communications (RCom) and BSNL-to buy equipment from China’s Huawei and ZTE after the Chinese firms agreed to comply with India’s tighter rules related to security concerns. [source]

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