Hollywood Producers, Distributors eyeing India [Media Monday]


Fox Star Studios which has converted many of its famous TV Shows like Simpsons, Star Wars and Sex and the City into movies, is now eyeing India.

Their first take is to create a Movie out of ‘Khichdi’ with the name ‘Khichdi-The Movie’. Producers are excited about the Movie saying that whoever has watched the movie liked it for its clean Comedy. ‘Khichdi’ which was launched on Star Plus in 2002 achieved highest TRP for any Comedy Sitcom on Television.


This is quite an encouraging move as Bollywood these days is struggling to get fresh stories and scripts on Screen. There have been many amazing and original TV Shows in Indian TV history, and if ‘Khichdi-The Movie’ becomes a hit it might create a phenomena. We may soon see various Hollywood producers producing such Movies created out of sitcoms like ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’, ‘Byomkesh Bakhshi’ and ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’.

In another news, it’s been reported that ‘Break Away’ an Indo-Canadian Movie co-produced by Akshay Kumar and directed by Robert Liberman will be distributed by Alliance Films. This is the same studio which has distributed films like ‘The Lord of the Rings’ –Trilogy and ‘Kill Bill’. Breakaway is a ‘Sports’ genre film and has Canada born actor Vinay Virmani as the Lead actor.

Now an Indian Actor co-producing a Hollywood movie is again a big news, as this shows that the line between Hollywood and Bollywood is getting thinner. As more and more producers, directors and distributors cross the line the better it will be for Indian Cinema.

It all started 3 years back when ‘Sony Pictures Entertainment’ produced ‘Saawariya’ in India. Although, not many Movies have been successful, but the huge scope of Bollywood in India is luring more and more producers and Distributors to see India as a potential money making market.

What are your thought? Are we increasingly going to see more Holly-Bolly projects in coming times?

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