Weekly Wrap-Up: Commonwealth Games, Mobile handsets, Internet, Power Sector, MNP, Microfinance, Facebook…and New writers !


I am extremely glad to announce that trak.in now has bunch of new talented young writers on board. Most of the regular readers may have already noticed new faces – Aseem Rastogi, Rishabh Bhandari and Ravi Prakash. We received great response to our request for Guest Editors (Infact, I have yet to get back to many of them). Coming weeks we will introduce a few more.

Last week saw number of articles that were discussed quite a bit – Incase, you have missed them here is a wrap-up of popular posts.


We ran a Poll on Commonwealth Games asking readers whether they would be world-class…and to my surprise, over 41% actually think that they will be. Given the Media reports over last few weeks, I personally have serious doubts on it.

State of Gujarat has now banned use of Mobile Phones in Schools and Colleges. The opinions on this are clearly divided, while some feel that they should, some of them are completely against it

Indian Mobile handset brands are giving a tough time to their multinational counterparts. Their feature-rich-low-price strategy is fast eroding the Market share of biggies like Nokia and Motorola.

Are you a blogger ? – Now, Get mobile version of your blog in 5 minutes with MobStac. Although, they are in beta right now, you can use the free invite code to get access to Mobstac. (btw…our mobile site m.trak.in is powered by Mobstac as well)

Some great insights on Why India is behind China when it comes to Internet Usage.

One of the biggest opportunity of Future is the Power Sector – If so, can the Power Sector emulate the success of Telecom Sector in India?

Sad news for travellers to Malaysia – They revoke Visa-on-Arrival facility to Indians – Says 40,000 Indians go ‘Missing’!

Here is a great post on the much postponed and most anticipated telecom  implementation – Mobile Number Portability and the next price war.

The computers are getting cheaper and portable – Are Tablets a cure for India’s technological illiteracy?

One of our new writer, Rishabh, asks a pertinent question – What is Microfinance doing in Capital Markets?

My favorite browser Chrome is on a high growth path – It is steadily increasing its Web browser Market Share, while Internet Explorer is seeing a consistent fall.

Here are some great examples of how Businesses and Individuals are using Facebook effectively.

  1. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Hi Arun,

    Bringing on guest posts has added a new dimension to Trak. As an NRI I look up to Trak as a source of commentary into India’s present business and socio-economic scenario. So the recent posts on Power and Retail sectors were definitely informative and well written. This is not forgetting the continuous efforts and informative posts that you and Viral Dholakia have made. Kudos to the team.

    Just one tiny suggestion – would it make sense to add a section on the right sidebar or something showing the recent comments? That would help us, the readers, to get a quick glance of recent comments (as I troll the site many times a day!) than to see the number of comments per post and try to infer if the count has increased, to just know if new comments have been posted.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Point taken…I will put up the recent comments up so it will be helpful for all…

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