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Given the rise of Mobile Internet users in past few years – it has become quite important to have mobile (or lite) version of your blog. Mobile users generally do not like to download (relatively) heavy blog that are made for normal internet connections and web browsers.

There are number of solutions for bloggers (for both WordPress & Blogger platforms) and I have personally tried a few of them, but I have not been too satisfied – Either they are too complex to setup or they are not exactly mobile-friendly.


Here at, we had been using custom mobile blogger solution for past couple of months from Mobstac and were quite satisfied with what they had to offer. However, now Mobstac has gone ahead and launched a platform which allows bloggers to create mobile version of their blog. I got’s mobile version up and running on the new platform in under 5 minutes.

Here are some of the features Mobstac has to offer:

  • Mobstac works on every mobile device on the planet, not just iPhones and advanced smart phones.
  • The best possible UI for the user always taking advantage of features on that device. For e.g., Blackberry users will not see advanced features meant for touch devices like iPhones and Android users.
  • Images and video are automatically resized, ensuring they suit the screen size of the reader’s device. In addition, articles are automatically paginated on lower-end devices.
  • Blazingly fast page loads so that your mobile users never have to wait (I have tested it, and I must say it loads quite fast.)
  • Integration with Twitter and Facebook for mobile helps people easily share content from the mobile version of the blog
  • For WordPress users: no dependency on your WordPress installation whatsoever! All mobile traffic is handled by MobStac servers without interfering with your main site
  • Freedom to set up a custom domain (e.g.,

    Mobstac team also has plans to offer analytics as well as advertising integration in their future releases.

    Here is how to setup Mobile version of your site on Mobstac:

    1. Sign-up for your Mobstac blogger account – You will need to put an invite code for successful sign-up (Put TRAKINFAN)
    2. Confirm your account upon sign-up
    3. Enter your URL (For Eg: and let Mobstac scan your site.
    4. Fill in the requisite details and move to next step.
    5. Once completed Mobstac will provide you with a url of your mobile blog (

    Now, to setup the mobile version of blog on your domain (like, you will have to just point CNAME records pointing to the URL given by Mobstac. Don’t worry, it is not too difficult, Mobstac will give clear instructions on what needs to be done.

    So there you have it – The mobile version of your blog. Remember to use “TRAKINFAN” when you signup :)

    1. Nachiketa says

      The url to sign up is showing a blank page

      1. Arun Prabhudesai says

        just go to and register from there….

    2. Prepaid Mobile says

      Good Arun , thanks for share this . once i get a chance i use this right now i have not a smart phone.

    3. Madhav Shivpuri says

      This is cool. Kudos to Mobstac. Although I don’t have a blog that needs to be put on mobile (but I have a website), I appreciate their business concept to provide a unified solution to various platforms.

      I may consider UnityMobile as they support websites and not just blogs.

    4. Alexa says

      Another company to take a look at that already offers advertising and analytics is They have many of the features listed above as well as geolocation, and the ability to turn your mobile site into a mobile application that works on any smart phone.

    5. TheTechMedia says

      Thanks Arun.. useful on. Giving it a try now.

    6. Ravi (MobStac) says

      Hi Arun,

      Thanks for sharing the invites with your readers!

      To leave feedback on MobStac, please go here:



      1. rabi gupta says

        Hey Ravi, great to see Indians developing as cool products as Mobstac. At first I had the impression tht its another silicon valley startup, but nice to find you Indians in the ‘About’ section :). Kudos to u and ur team!

        1. Ravi (MobStac) says

          Rabi, thank you for the words of appreciation!

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