How well are Indian brands leveraging Facebook today?


Facebook recently crossed the 500 million users mark a few weeks ago. India has the 11th highest number of Facebook users at 10.5 million. Orkut still has a higher fan following among Indians with about 15 million users. But the overall usage of social media among the general public as well as the business users is relatively low in India even today.


But with time, more and more organizations are utilizing the power of social media. As of today, there are about 100 Indian brands on Facebook. When one goes through the list for the first time, there are few observations one can make from it –

  • Brands from varied sectors such as telecom, FMCG, Entertainment, Digital Media etc are present on Facebook.
  • Out of the 100 or so brands present, more than 30 are inactive or active but not conversational at all
  • Very few brands have any contests on Facebook to engage the viewers. Most of them engage viewers through discussions, updates, notifications etc

Having a presence on the social media front is not an end in itself. Being highly active and conversational and engaging the people through contests, discussions, updates etc is the most important thing in social media success. The numbers given below show how people are trusting social media today.

Some of the interesting case studies of Indian brands using Facebook include –

  • Tata Docomo – It has more than 200,000 fans. Through special trials, contests and discussions it has built a very strong community with very high engagement.
  • Vodafone Zoozoo – It has 692,000 fans and a lot of pictures, videos, Zoozoo contests etc. Winners of these get special Zoozoo cards, merchandise etc.
  • Idea campaign – It has more than 87,000 fans and is highly active and conversational. It includes a lot of contests, campaigns on wall posts.
  • Amul Butter – It has more than 52,000 fans. A large number of discussions and advertisement posters are present on this community.
  • Channel V India – Even though it has a smaller number of fans, more than 18,000, it is engaging audiences in a different way. Promos, trailers and advertisements of shows have been uploaded onto the community.
  • Cleartrip – It offers tips, deals and promotions of travel deals on the Facebook wall. It has also connected its twitter account to Facebook.

These are few of the examples which I found interesting among many others. These brands have shown the way for others to use the social media in a much more efficient and integrated manner rather than being on it just for the sake of it.

But there is a long way to go before our own brands can emulate the International Brands like Dell, Coca Cola, Burger King etc. have achieved on the social media platform.

Here is a question – Which Indian Brand(s) you think will (or already has) leverage Social Media more successfully than others ?

  1. Sunil Garg says

    i love the Ching’s Secret fb page. v informative and entertaining. The best thing though i like about Ching’s is the speed at which they respond to comments n queries. luv it

  2. Ashish says

    Yesterday I saw a message on my son’s Face book (12) that he liked a new TV Commercial, which he had sent to all his friends and there were several replies – positive and negative.

    Social Marketing will only grow in India, and marketing/advertising professionals had better keep their eyes, ears and minds open.

    The preteens kids are big users of expensive branded products. (Footwear, Apparel and Sports Equipment)

    XX is the hottest brand amongst his friends – as a parent, I do not approve – but have spent a great deal of money on XX products and brand in the last 3 months.

  3. Yaamini says

    Hey congrats on ur fisrt professional post on trakin. Its amazing to see u writing here :-). Your article is very very informative . Yeah a lot of indian brands are making use of facebook to promote themselves

  4. Viral says

    Hey Aseem… Congrats on your first post on Trakin.

    Nice detailed and insightful info on how well the corporates are tapping the FB. Hope to see more from you on various other aspects of Social Media in coming times.

    From other brands, I feel Mahindra Group is doing well enough on the new social media destinations in keeping a watchful eyes on people’s messages regarding their business or products.

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      Thanks. Yes, Mahindra’s social media presence is led by Anand Mahindra who is an avid tweeter himself. For their Bolero and Xylo brands they have come up with various games for the people on Facebook, Orkut etc. Even Tech Mahindra has a Facebook Page currently.

  5. Misha says

    Many brands are switching to SM to connect with their TA. Another Indian brand that most studies seem to be overlooking Makemytrip, who’s Facebook page is extremely engaging and has a sizable following. Another Indian brand gaining prominence is Timex.

    1. Aseem Rastogi says

      Thanks for adding two more brands to the list. The problem with Makemytrip and Cleartrip though is that there is not much information on their website regarding their social media presence. And if I am not wrong Timex though is active on the social media scene isn’t too active when it comes to Indian customers.

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