Bought a New Gadget? – It all starts with Excitement and Ends up being a Utility device [Experiences]


Catchy title, isn’t it? But, that’s how it sums up my experience with my new mobile handset – Nokia E63 – bought just about 3 months back. Hello, don’t run away… I’m not here to review this gadget, but simply narrate my experience with it while using it for the first time :)

To start with, E63 is by no means a new gadget or an high-end phone from Nokia. I remember a couple of my colleagues who had it more than a year and half ago. I am no gadget or mobile freak (nor a techie), so decided to go ahead with feature rich, mid-range Nokia phone which I would be comfortable with.

My previous handset was some Sony Ericsson’s low range handset. So, it goes without saying that I hadn’t used any rich-featured phones before. And, E63 was my first such experience. Now, coming directly to my experience… I was excited, of course… image

The first thing that any logical person would do on buying a new handset (or any gadget for that matter) is getting used to its operations and features. Since I was on Sony Ericsson for last few years, it took me that much extra bit of time to understand the features properly, say, around 3-4 days.

The ‘Tools’ portion was quite confusing for me, what with storage of- features within features. Say, for example, to change the ‘Screensaver,’ I had to explore and travel the following path of Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Personalization > Home screen > Mode settings > Wallpaper. Well, I did manage to explore the destination location for once, but like any other new user; I again had to strive hard in searching the same path, until it got memorized.

That was about exploring and getting used to handset features. Now, coming to tapping some internet features – after all, E63 is a business class mobile, as they say. It needs to be mentioned over here that I had already activated GPRS on my SIM card and old Sony Ericsson mobile, but never used it on account of gloomy output.

So, what next? I simply found out that E63 handset does not need to be configured for GPRS settings manually. Good enough! For the first few times, I surfed internet through the Vodafone Live site – which was provided by default for web browsing on my Vodafone connection. At that time, I was not aware about the existence of browsers even for mobiles (sounds crap, isn’t it?).

Next, I came through this fantastic mobile experiencing site which allowed me to download various apps at free of cost such as Google, Facebook (which I don’t use even today), YouTube and MySpace. Somehow, I didn’t find Twitter app. I got hooked to getjar site in lieu of finding newer and newer apps to be downloaded for my mobile for enhanced experience.

However, here comes the most exciting part – while surfing the getjar site, I came across a number of mobile browsers. Since, I was not much knowledgeable about which browser to be used, I enquired about the same with Arun (Yeah…our own’s Arun). He recommended me to go for Opera Mini browser for my E63 and I executed it as per his guidance.

I tagged some sites on my Opera browser which I intended to use frequently such as,,,, and, of course, even

What next? Unsurprisingly, I got hooked to tweeting and checking messages through mobile as well, through my twitter id. It was like almost getting addicted to twitting experience through mobile. This you might have noticed, over the last few days, if you’re one from my small and limited list of 55 odd followers @viralsss

Then, it was also about checking stock market quotes and updates, finance-related articles and checking mails while on a prowl through the requisite sites mentioned above. How can I forget about chat through instant messaging? In fact, all of a sudden, I am also finding myself addicted to Gtalk chats via mobile, even when I am not in front of my desktop.

It has been a little more than 3 moths now since I bought this new handset. I’ve tried and tested most of the things of my interest in it – right from downloading apps, games, browsing net and even tweeting and staying touch with friends.

In fact, in my excitement of new mobile, at a time I’d downloaded as many as 12 mobile games from the getjar site. Later, after a month I realized that I’ve downloaded a bit 7-8 games more than actually needed. In fact, I haven’t even played any of these games (except for Chess!) since I’ve downloaded them. I then immediately deleted some 6-7 games, except for the ones I like from them.

Thus, the initial excitement is slowly getting subdued. Probably, I need to tone-down my addiction with mobile tweeting as well, as the current phase passes over. The frequency of checking mails has already come down and has been kept limited to only few times a day now.

By this article, I simply mean to convey my feelings related to new gadgets. As to how the excitement starts revolving around a new gadget, be it any supersonic device, and the same ends up being a utility device once you are well-versed with its operations and are past through the newly-acquired addiction-phase.

Well, I’m not sure whether the same cliché applies for those intriguing and sophisticated gaming devices as well. But, there should be a limit even for that, I guess.

Do you have any such experiences to share about? Would be glad to know it!

  1. Vikram says

    My policy is when I actually feel the need for an additional feature only then I update my existing instrument – like maybe sometime soon I will be required to respond to mails when I receive them and not the next day morning. These mobile companies keep on adding features which do nothing other than keep us more involved into some mindless activities which we all probably can do well without. But then to each his own. :) But then I do keep reading such reviews to make sure that there is nothign I am missing out .. cheers

    1. Viral says

      Vikram… You’re right. It better to draw a distinctive line in terms of getting unnecessarily distracted and logging on to unproductive works too frequently.

      Nice Comment !! And fully agreed with you.

  2. Aseem Rastogi says

    Nice post on ur experience with this mobile..For me using a video mobile has never been the thing..dont know y..always prefer a very very simple 2 use the laptop or desktop for internet n things like tht..

    1. Viral says

      Aseem… Not an issue. To each his own :) At the end of the day, what matters is convenience – irrespective how you connect to the online world.

      If you’re using laptop, its obvious that you might have better maneourability than desktops. Desktops are still not out of the scene where long working hours is the need of the hour.

      Thanks for taking valuable part in the discussion.

  3. Varun Jindal says

    I have seen sudden surge in your tweeting frequency, thanks to your active exploration of E63 features.

    I haven’t experienced the mobile version of the internet applications yet. This is in spite of the fact that I own BlackBerry 8520 which I bought a few months back. I haven’t yet explored the features of my handset for the fact that I have Airtel broadband at my place and as such the need doesn’t arise. But over a period of time, I too will probably become an addict of surfing applications using my smartphone.

    1. Viral says

      Hello Varun… Surprising revelation from your side..:)

      You use Blackberry and stil haven’t tapped it to full potential. Even I have Hathway broadband at my office & a local dial-up connection at home.

      However, I prefer using mobile internet while at home for not-so-important stuffs. Once you get hooked on to mobile internet, you won’t feel like getting on to the hassles of putting on the desktop, connecting internet, etc.

      Its more like pick up your cell and start surfing directly straight away from the comforts of your ‘sofa’. Hope for a quick transition… :P

  4. Altaf Rahman says

    Hmm Nice narration.

    I think now its my turn to experience the excitement. FYI, I dont even have a video phone. I have a simple mobile which I use to call any one or to recieve calls from others. Few times in the past I was about to buy a mobile with more features but was afraid to take the big leap. But I will take the plunge now. Mind to tell me the cost of the cell?

    1. Viral says

      Altaf… Go for a makeover. Nokia E63 costs Rs.9000/-

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