Now Paul the Octopus tells you who the next Russian President will be !


Never has a creature shot to such an instant fame as much Paul – the Octopus has. Well, that’s not all. He also defies the logic behind the Law of gravity that says “what goes up must come down.” Once done with his match-winning FIFA world cup predictions, the famed oracle creature is in demand from all the quarters of the globe with ever increasing popularity on account of his flawless predictions.

The news surrounding this German cephalopod is refusing to die down. A report says that a Russian betting firm wants to buy the so-called psychic octopus as a bookmaker and hire his services for a monthly salary of $NZ7000 – which is double the sum that their local staff is paid for the services.

It is needless to say over here that famed invertebrate had also correctly predicted the outcome of an all important grand finale which was, indeed, clinched by Spain. So, it goes without saying that the eight-legged oracle would have caught the fancy of many Spaniards as well.

Paul the Octopus

One another report says that O Carballino, a Spanish town, has also awarded the marine creature with Honorary Citizenship and invited the creature to attend their annual Octopus Festival as the Guest of Honour this year.

As if all the above musings were not enough, the psychic octopus has also been made to forecast as to who will be Russia’s next president – Vladimir Putin or Dmitry Medvedev! On this, the eight-legged creature has already cast his imminent vote, which have been sealed until the election year of 2012. Any guesses – whom has he voted for?

In fact, the stakes have reached so higher that news are making rounds that Madrid’s Zoo Aquarium is said to be in negotiations to bring the celebrity mollusk to Madrid from its mainstay location at Germany’s Oberhausen Sea Life Centre. Interestingly, various business proposals have been revolving around the celebrity octopus – which also has thousands of Facebook fans.


The gullible marine octopus would have no idea as to how big a celebrity he has turned out to be. Rather, this creature has also had to face the wrath of the Germany’s loss in the Football World Cup – and, some disappointed fans have gone as far as making requests for killing the famed octopus and preparing a delicacy out of it in order to take the revenge of the Germany loss in the grand sporting event.

Enough is enough of Octopus!! – Please leave the fellow in peace. The marine creature has nothing to do with the realities of the outside world. But, the human community is more frenzied about the immaculate predictions made by him and wants to pose queries to him to know his own future.

What say guys?

  1. Aseem Rastogi says

    After seeing so much about Paul the Octopus, there are animals across the world who are predicting something or the other :P…I am wondering why PETA hasnt said anything yet regarding this :P

  2. ade says

    hey take it easy he is just an octopus his predictions might just be sheer coincidence…………… ok

  3. Aahna says

    thank god this Octopus is not in india otherwise samething we have to face

    1. Viral says

      Hey Aahna… Speaking about India, it struck me that if any such psychic creature would have been from Indian origin, I’m sure the particular locality would have witnessed serpantine queues only to get Darshan (glimpse) of the entity, from all the corners of the country.

      The darshan would further be followed by superstitious blessings and all… :):)

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