Airtel launching Iphone 4 in Sept – Oct


Finally we have some news regarding Apple Iphone 4 launch in India. Although Vodafone had mentioned they would be bringing Iphone 4 to India, they had not given any time-frame.

Now, Airtel has gone ahead and announced  the launch of iPhone 4 just before Diwali to cash in on the Festive season, when many Indian’s look for buying new stuff.


I am sure Vodafone will try and beat Airtel for the iPhone 4 launch. The same thing had happened during the run-up for Iphone 3 launch in India. Vodafone & Airtel, both were in a race to launch the much sought after gadget earlier than its rival.

iPhone 3G was a big flop in India, primarily due to the costs involved. Even now, both Airtel & Vodafone are selling iPhone 3G for 35,000 (16GB) and 41,000 (32 GB).

Iphone 4 price is not yet announced, but expect it to be in a similar or bit on a higher side than 3G models.

Incidentally, after the launch of iPhone 4, 3G model of iPhone saw such a low demand that they are being sold for USD 99 in shops like Wal-mart & Best Buy !

Even though iPhone 4 is one of the best smartphone’s in the market, the steep price will attract only a select few !

  1. Prabhat Singh says

    in uae iphone is free if u commit usage equivalent to cost in one year.

  2. Kashav Anand says

    I wnt I phn but I have no money.

  3. Kashav Anand says

    I wnt I phn but I have no money.

  4. suby cherian says

    We r looking forward to Apple Iphone 4 launch in India……..
    What will be its best buy price……………..


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