Airline Tickets, Hotel Bookings coming to grocer near you!


Think what you do when you want to do a Mobile card recharge – without giving much thought, you just run to your nearest grocery store, buy the recharge and you are on your way out. Now-a-days, nearly every grocery store offers you recharge card of every mobile operator, if someone does not have it, you are actually surprised.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if we had similar accessibility to other services like Airline Tickets, Hotel Bookings, Railway tickets, paying your utility bills or even opening a bank account.

Infact, some of you may have already come across some stores who are providing these kind services and if not, don’t worry – You will shortly start seeing these kind of offerings from your neighborhood grocers.


A service called Suvidhaa already has  has 22,000 outlets in 500 cities and towns and has plans of taking it to 100,000 outlets in the next two years spread across metros as well as rural areas. The service has already become a hit and encounters over 150,000 transactions on daily basis.

Urban consumers have easy access to Internet or Internet enabled mobiles, where these online transactions already take place – but the size of this is miniscule compared to the cash transactions that happen offline. Majority of Indians, whether urban or rural are still comfortable with cash transactions. To add to that they have more faith in the regular grocer rather than on Internet or mobile. Thats why even today, India has 91 percent of transactions that happen only in cash!

Even for the grocer is quite happy offering these services as serves as an additional source of income, which does not take much of effort or space. They are however required to deposit Rs 10,000 as a non-refundable, upfront fee and have to invest in a computer, internet connection and a printer.

A win-win-win for all Consumers, retailers as well as sellers – What say?

  1. Suresh Wadhwani says

    Nice Article!!

    Today every company want to be successful among the customers/consumers but very few can achieve this. Any company who is concentrating first on the consumer, finding the needs of the consumer and providing the value to its consumers emerge as a hit. Same case with the SUVIDHAA. Today consumer want hassle free services without moving here and there for different things. So Suvidhaa realizes the needs of the consumer and started tapping that market.

  2. Jai says

    I have seen many Suvidhaa kiosks around the corners. All of them are either not working or they do not have internet connection. Installing and execution are two different things. Over a year back, we were interested to have partnership with them to add a cash payment system for our sites. But after doing some researches, we found its of no use. Please remember suvidhaa is in the market for a while, it is not a new service. I would like to listen feedback from even a single person who may have used it to buy airline ticket.

    In India, it will take a decade before Indian consumers start using such services and understand its benefit. Because these services have not been executed effectively and hence consumers hesitate to try them.

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