World’s First 3TB External Drive Launched!!


After reading this news, I had sort of a flash-back in front of me. I remembered using a 286 pc with 1MB RAM 40MB HDD and a 1.2MB Floppy (imagine that) – I think we also had 700KB capacity floppies in use. My Brother, then in the 2nd ever batch of BCS (Bachelor in Computer Science), was using Xts in college with 640K ram. Then, little later came those infamous 1.44MB 3.5 inch floppies.. I still remember they never worked !

After few years we started our own Pre-Press service Bureau and we really struggled to carry data which still was 1/10th of what it is today. We got files ARJed (the most famous compression utility at that time, which got eventually replaced by zip and then by RAR). we got about 10-20 floppies for 1 file. 3-4 always were bad!! our clients had to go back and get those ARJ parts again and again.

Then with the launch of IOMEGA Drives everything changed! we could suddenly carry 100MB of data without problems! It turned out to be a boon to our digital printing Industry, as well as every one round the world.. There were SyQuest’s and other stuffs but they never became too popular as did the ZIPS (or ZIP drives).

Technology changed and CD-Writers became cheap & so did its media. People started using more and more CDs and then came the DVDs. They could carry a **HUGE** 600MB+ of data which solved all the carrying problems for ever. The DVDs just made its capacity even more.

Finally the External Drives were launched in form of External USB Hard-disks and USB Flash Drives or Pen drives. It is even simpler to carry data now! (and so are the viruses beware!) Just pop 1 in and carry it wherever you want.

Which brings us back to today :) The Launch of World’s First 3TB External Drive.
According to company official, Seagate launched the latest gadget in order to help consumer to meet their demand for digital content storage in both the home and the office.


The newly launched external hard drive has capability to store up to 120 HD movies, 1,500 video games, thousands of photos or countless hours of digital music with its 3TB capacity. Huge indeed!

BTW, the cost is quite reasonable – 11-12k a pop – which means just over 1paise per MB…Now, thats cheap ! but unfortunately it is the US Price.. hope Seagate keeps the price in similar range in India.

So, do you have such nostalgic stories to share? let us know…

  1. Yuvraaj Kamra says

    I want to get price 5 tb hard disk.

  2. bilwa says

    Really nice one. It took me back to those days when i started my pre-press career. things have changed so much since then. Gosh!, 3tb would accommodate whole of the data i have ever collected and still leave me abt more than half of it empty…

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