Weekly Wrap-up: Outsourcing, Mobile stats, faster Internet, MNP and more…


OK, we have a Bharat bandh today, but that is not going to stop us from going around doing our business. It is Monday and time for our weekly wrap-up. We had number of interesting posts published last week. Here is a run-down, if you have missed.


Is Outsourcing is the real reason for Job losses in United States? Infact, does Outsourcing lead to Job losses or job generation? We had some great discussions on this post – If you have missed it, go ahead and read now, especially the insightful comments from some folks !

The Mobile subscriber growth in India continues to surprise – We now have over 617 million Mobile subscribers. But do you know that Indians collectively waste time worth $ 795 Million reading spam SMSes in a year ?.

This is the need of hour, especially for Rural India – Samsung launches Solar powered Mobile phone.

I am praying for this to come to reality in near future – 100 times faster Internet – Imagine the possibilities with that kind of broadband speeds !

tarikh pe tarikh…tarikh pe tarikh – Thats the case with our Mobile Number Portability (MNP). It is postponed yet again !

BPO Industry in India is one of the largest in the world – and now, its going rural

Here are some of the startling facts on Social Media – Check out the video in the post, seriously an eye-opener.

Broadband is become a Legal Right In Finland, When Will India Get It?

Although, we are blaming Obama to churn out ant-outsourcing policies, we ourselves are doing the same. Government has come out with a new rule where and individual needs minimum 11 lakh salary to get a Work Visa for India.

And something to bring cheer to hit the road quite often – Woohoo…Automated Toll system coming soon!

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