Need for companies to adopt Micro-Blogging platforms?


Twitter has taken micro-blogging to a whole new level where now almost every internet savvy user relates to it. However, even when a micro-blogging platform like Twitter has found great acceptance from an individualistic perspective to share thoughts/opinions, the debate is still  on whether

Companies should be using the Micro-blogging platform?

Ok, the social media mavens would say that it is a must for companies to be present on micro-blogging platform to listen to their customers and also keep a window open for generating leads.

Hard pressed for examples ? Dell making million dollar sales from its twitter account is one that is used almost with certainty. However, it is not only about hard tangible benefits in the form of increased sales that companies should be targeting. There are many more intangible benefits that make the case for companies to start utilizing micro-blogging platforms.

A study reveals some interesting insights on how consumers from different countries respond to companies present on Micro-blogging platforms and the results are heartening. India does not feature in the list, but even then the survey results justify the case for companies to get on to micro-blogging platforms and engage with the audience

Consumers appreciate companies monitoring micro-blogs

With the growing adoption of microblogs across the globe, a good percentage of consumers use the platform for sharing their thoughts/opinions and connect with other people. In all this chatter, companies that monitor and listen to microblogs to understand what the consumers are saying about the company’s products/services are more likely to be liked by the consumers.

How consumers feel about companies monitoring microblogs


More than 50% of the consumers from all these different consider it is indeed positive that companies present on microblogs monitor and respond to consumer’s issues. Very few people think that companies are violating their privacy or the companies are just hopping on to the micro-blogging platform as a fad and don’t do much else.

China, in fact, has 94% of the consumers saying that they would much rather have companies utilize the micro-blogging platform for listening and responding to issues

Consumer trust increases in the companies that Micro-blog

For companies in any segment and especially in the B2C segment, Consumer Trust is a deal breaker. Companies that are considered trustworthy by consumers are expected to fare better than others given the long term loyalties and increased chances of Word Of Mouth Publicity. So, if a presence on a micro-blogging platform helps you increase the trust factor with your consumers one wee bit, it sure is worth it.

How much consumers trust companies that microblog


The chart clearly suggests that the consumers from different locations indeed trust companies more if they are present on microblogs with only a few suggesting that it actually works the opposite and consumers lose trust in the company. Chinese consumers are most positive about the presence of companies on microblogs and almost everyone (in the survey) shows increased levels of trust.

The findings are suggestive of the need for companies to make their presence felt on microblogs and ensure that they engage with their users. Moreover, Chinese consumers are the most positive of the lot when it comes to  championing the cause for company microblogs. So if Chinese consumers fall under you target market you might as well start thinking on creating a micro-blogging strategy if you don’t have one already.

The study unfortunately does not include Indian demographics which would have been much more interesting but even then the findings do depict a positive case for ‘Companies on Micro-blogs’.

From my personal experience, I have witnessed a few great examples from companies in India using the micro-blogging (twitter) platform in reaching out to their consumers. Telecom companies specially Airtel has recently been actively monitoring twitter and it is reaching out to consumers helping them resolve their issues in real time. The signs are definitely there that companies can benefit from using the micro-blogging platform in ways other than deriving increased revenues alone.

What are your thoughts on companies getting on to microblogs? Does it result in you developing a positive connect with the company or the companies are not doing enough to reach out to your problems?

  1. Sahil Bj says

    if micro-blogging sites like twitter are helping companies to enhance there financial terms, then they will use it, in order to over come there thirst. As u mentioned that dell is earning a lot from it… so why not others,, ??

  2. Rainu says

    Airtel and Vodafone are both doing a good job on Twitter! Also must mention ICICI over here.. I have heard of many people whose problems were solved through Twitter.
    We @SutraLite are on Twitter, hoping to increase our visibility, generate leads, and more as we gauge what is possible with this tool!

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