Indian Workforce most aspiring in the world!


“I am working in IT industry since last 5 years and with my present company from past 7 months. I have joined this company with almost double salary. But, I am on bench and now I am planning to join another company. However, I have confusion in my mind. Please suggest me whether I should go for new company with a decent salary hike or wait here for more time and settle down finally?”

Most of us would have come across such dilemma-filled queries during our lifetime of job activity. Times are changing fast and with time are changing the trends of job profile and activities.

This has led to a unique shift where permanent jobs in all sectors are being replaced with temporary ones, contract-based jobs or part-time (or varied shift) works to say the least.

According to a work monitor report, Indians are the most mobile & aspiring workers in the world, willing to switch jobs for better career opportunities backed by higher aspiration levels with focus on promotions.

Most Aspiring Employees in the World


The mobility index that Indian workforce was the most flexible in the world at 147 index points closely beating China and Mexico for the top spot. Delhi seems to be a notch higher than the other Indians in terms of job shifting, says the report.


In the ultimate analysis, the job shifting culture depends to a great extent on personal traits of employees such as ones desire in life, the levels of skill and patience, your financial standing and your ability to negotiate and extract with larger pie of goodies.

The report points out that employees earning in the salary bracket of Rs.5-10 lakh tend to shift more jobs than others. In deed, this is a classic salary bracket where young employees form a part of the middle level management and aspire to penetrate higher into the corporate system.

In fact, I am of the opinion that Indians, have always moved around within their own country for better opportunities, so they have never had the inhibition of moving across the globe.

The cultural diversity within India itself provides for a strong platform to develop one’s ability to mingle with a new culture and yet retain the inherent strengths as demonstrated by the Marwaris, Baniyas, Gujjus, and many others who have traversed the length and breadth of the country for business prospects and have gelled well and prospered in any circumstance.

The ability to adapt, adjust and learn quickly coupled with flair to speak polished English has put Indian workers on the Global map. Further, if the business is getting all this at a lesser cost then why not?

At the same time, one should not get carried away with unrealizable aspirations and expectations of never ending growth prospects of job profile. A 20-30% Growth in Salary levels or promotions Y-o-Y will not be forever feasible.

Further, it’s always good to take on more challenging roles and responsibilities but job-hopping just for a few extra bucks or for frivolous reasons certainly doesn’t augur well in the long run. What really is required for Human Resources is to develop a pragmatic approach to both Employer and Employee expectations and come up with effective solutions to engage this dynamic and aspiring Work Force.

What’s your view on highly aspiring Indian employees?

  1. suraj says

    Yeah its true coz this(IT) field is pretty exiting for us…this is comparatively a new field and give a chance to have a better life in india and a chance to settle outside india too(
    regarding the switching jobs its kind of a mandate in IT field you can not get the proper raise in the salary we deserve…example people start in IT industry at 3-3.5 lpa package and if you don’t switch the company in 5 years you will be at max 7 lpa…but with 1-2 switches you can reach at 11 lpa……

  2. sandya says

    Its really helpful, to get clear knowledge about Indian Workforce

  3. Aseem Rastogi says

    this is an interesting study…:) didnt know some study like this ever existed :P

    1. Viral says

      Hello Aseem… Research organizations are there to conduct surveys based on varied & diversified concepts and theories. They excel in coming out on n-number of unique reports – this is atleast not an unusual report from discussion perspective.

      Thanls for your valuable comment.

  4. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Hi Viral,

    Did the survey just gather info from IT, call centre people? Do people in finance/ media/ medicine/ civil engineering change jobs often? Do people in their 40s or 50s change jobs often? Do women and men change jobs as often or men switch frequently?

    We Indians are an impatient lot. IT field started the trend with the onset of Y2K to lure capable employees with higher pay and titles. 10-15% higher pay, promise of advancement and potentially onsite work opportunities were all the carrot needed back then. A decade on do we still bite the same carrot?

    People in similar nature of work abroad stick to their jobs longer than Indians do, because we got the adrenaline to keep going higher and go places all the time. In India, I think the result has been good for individuals as they get a good compensation and title but probably not so much of work life balance. However collectively, the country has become an expensive option for MNC’s and they are considering, and in certain cases already set up base in countries where the salary hikes y-o-y is not as high as in India. Some of those destinations have been China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, HK, Brazil, Mexico.

    This is not being critical of fellow Indians but simply making an observation.

    1. Viral says

      Hello Madhav,

      Excellent comment on your insightful observation about Indian job markets and also as to how India could gradually be losing its sheen as a ‘low cost’ destination for its labour market.

      The above report points out that the study is corroborated by the findings of factual job change in past six months, where again the scores related to the maximum employee churn are highest in India (45%) followed by China (33%). Also, you can compare these figures with the global weighted average of 60%.

      In fact, on your query regarding the sectors which are witnessing this employee churn, the report points out that employees are as confident of getting a different job in another sector (lateral carrer opportunities – 74%) as getting a similar job with a different employer. This reflects employees’ confidence in venturing into allied sectors and roles.

      Madhav… The report has some contrasting views from that mentioned by you. I am not sure as to what extent such report findings could be true or realistic, and as Arun says many-a-times, that we have to take the findings in most of such reports with a pinch of the salt. Take this…

      The report says that a significant percentage of Indian employees (85%) seem to be in control of their work-life balance as compared to the global weighted average of 75%. The survey further says that the mobility index has increased the maximum amongst those above 35 years of age.

      1. Madhav Shivpuri says

        Hi Viral,

        I stay away from salt because of fear of blood pressure. I much rather prefer the facts that I can see or guess :-)

        1. Altaf Rahman says

          LOL @ Madhav,

          Pinch of salt? Ha ha ha. Good one.

  5. sheetal says

    ohh yes.. The reason being indians on top positions in most of the fortune 500 companies is that they are more hardworking then any other. Most of the people from other countries just working 8hrs a day and 5 days a week without taking any tensions. where as Indians are more alert and tensed related to work and once they take up a task they give 100% to make it a success.
    Cheers guys.

  6. ashok says

    is this your blog ?? your blog seems nice so why go for job,,, be a professional blogger,, i am sure that already you will be earning some decent money with this blog,,

  7. Raj says

    Hello Viral,

    I am back to reading your great articles here. Keep it going!!! Its always been a known fact that, what cannot be done by anyone else, an Indian can certainly do it… least he will try his luck at it. we have certain unique traits as Indians, in fact there is a new Management concept also being talked about, “The Indian Way”. It surely feels great, but when I look around and see people quitting jobs for odd reasons I wonder whether we are going to soon lose out on the flexibility advantage we have been having for ages.


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