Is your child safe online ?


Children of current genre are definitely more tech-savvy than those of earlier generations. However, where adults generally are more aware about the cyber crimes and online safety issues; unsuspecting teens, which view internet as an amazing resource of fun and entertainment, are less inhibited about such online misdeeds.

Though internet is an amazing source of procuring knowledge about the various aspects of life; like any other technology even internet have its own side effects for the small children. And, it is always better on the part of parents to be aware about the ill-effects of straying online and keep a tab on such misgivings of the technology for their kids.

Almost eight in 10 young netizens in India have suffered negative online experiences, including cyber-bullying, online harassment and exposure to pornographic or violent material.


The study, which covered 200 children in the age group of 8-17 years and 500 adults in India, further points out that only about half of the Indian parents surveyed are actually aware about their children facing such negative online encounters.

This concern seems to be even more highlighted for those parents who are usually away from their home for the most part of the day and are not much in touch with their children during the working hours.

From the sample survey of 200 children, 154 children admitted of having faced negative online encounters, while 24% of the parents surveyed believed that someone anonymous had tried to add their child as a friend on social networking sites. Almost a third of the parents surveyed thought that their children had downloaded virus on their system.

The chat room over where the identity of the person at the other end remains unknown and unverified is of a major concern for years. Over here miscreants can often pose as young children and carry out their misdeeds by gaining confidence of the gullible children.

Than again there are websites and spam emails from various countries containing explicit which need to be guarded from the exposure to the children, in order to ensure that kids do not become targets of such marketing gimmicks by the spammers.

Do you keep a tab of your child’s online engagement as a good parent?

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    Nice one Viral
    There’s another survey by McAfee which can be found at

    & tomorrow (26th June), I’ll be taking a 3 hours workshop on cyber :safe parenting” at Cummins college organized by Computer Society of India, Pune

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