Can Infibeam Phi tablet really make it big?


Its been all about iPad, iPad and iPad over last few days. Infact, when I am talking about these mobile devices, the default word that comes to my mind is “iPad” when I actually want to talk about “tablets” in general. That’s the kind of impact Apple launches have on your mind.

Having said that I am not one of those guys, who is crazy for “iPad”, which according to me is highly under-featured and doubly priced.

So, if not iPad then what – Trust me, there are heaps of such portable tablets flooding the market in next 6 to 9 months. Every large Mobile / Computer hardware has similar device/s already in pipeline. Infact, I just read yesterday about a killer two screen tablet from Toshiba that will hit the markets soon. And there are many more we don’t even know yet!

Lets consider some Indian companies that are making a foray into this very-soon-to-be-competitive tablet market. Notion Ink was widely publicized few weeks back, and they will (hopefully) be launching in next couple of months. From the looks of it, Notion Ink’s Adam tablet looks to be a winner and has got everything to be a serious iPad competitor.

There is another company – Infibeam – who launched their E-book reader in line with Amazon Kindle. I think Amazon has been more than just an inspiration for them – Their site is nearly a replica of Amazon. When I first came to know about infibeam, I had discounted them to be just another Amazon wanna-be site – However, they have been making pretty good strides in digital hardware space. Infact, their last couple of announcements have left me pleasantly surprised.

Infibeam has not only announced their own line of Mobile phones, they have also come out with good looking Windows & Android based Tablet – Infibeam Phi.


Again, the external looks are very similar to what iPad looks, however when it comes to features, I think they do have few features that iPad lacks.

Infibeam Phi specifications (Android)

Infibeam Phi Android version comes with 8GB memory expandable upto 32GB with a 7 inch display giving you a resolution of 800 X 480. It has a battery life to last about 5 hrs of for music playback and about 4 hrs for Video (thats definitely not enough !). It has a USB (which iPad does not have) and wi-fi connectivity for your internet surfing. Being on Android Operating system, you can extend the functionality of the device by downloading Android games / apps. (The Windows version is also on similar lines.)

Interestingly, the site does not make any mention of the CPU that is used in Phi, which is big surprise – I cannot really comment on the processing power of Phi. The site also does not mention what kind of color screen it provides – which is an important aspect for a mobile device like this one, as it will be used outdoors quite often.

All in all, it is a decent device – It has more of Entertainment value and people who want to watch movies, hear music or just surf the internet would find it quite appealing.

This would have been a killer device, if it had a Sim Card slot and 3G compatibility – A truly mobile device with 24 hrs Internet connectivity !


You can place pre-orders on Phi and will cost you around 15,000. I think for Indian market, this is bit on a higher side. A price of about 10k would have made it really appealing.

What is your opinion on this device – Can it make it big in Indian Market ?

  1. dokwizard says

    i had ordered infibeam phi (windows version). it took 2 months to deliver and when delivered it did not even run for 2 hours.horrible experience. my advice to u all is do not get into phi (the android version is 1.5). its better to wait as samsung galaxy tab has been released (very costly though) and olive pad seems a better choice (still 10K costlier than phi).

  2. Mark says

    15000 bucks? I’d rather opt for a netbook!

  3. benjamin says

    @Altaf: AFAIK. Infibeam sells via online only.

  4. Altaf Rahman says


    Is this available in Inida? When I open the link page, it says “Free shipping to Inida”

    Looks interesting gadget to me.

    I do not prefer online shopping for security reasons. If I want to pay by cash, that means I have to go to shop and look at it. Can you please throw some light on which cities it will be available. Sorry for asking you too much. But really interested in this gadget.

  5. Jal says

    Something that overcomes the limitations of the iPad will do very well.

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