World’s First Electronic Focusing Eyewear – Ditch Your Bifocals!


A thought always used to be on the back of my mind regarding the pace at which the technology has advanced but the problems revolving the users of bifocal glasses – relating to difficulty in focusing on objects both up close and far away – still remains unsolved.

Bifocals are eyeglasses designed for people who need both near and farsighted vision correction. Such glasses are combination of concave and convex lenses where the top portion of the lens is meant for distant viewing, while the lower portion serves for close viewing purposes such as reading, writing, etc.

But, it came as relieving news when I first read about a dynamic invention of electronic glass, developed by a US firm PixelOptics, which automatically adjust and enable the user to view objects at different distances.


Just by pressing the button on the side of the frames, the glass can be adjusted manually to view objects at diverse distances.

That’s not all about it. The electronic lenses also have the ability to focus on in-between settings in terms of length, which is not possible in usual bifocal lenses. If you’re one of those employees of IT or a BPO firm with the vision problem, here is some good news for you…

These newly invented glasses could be more purposeful to the users of bifocal lenses actively involved with work on computers. The traditional bifocals were basically designed keeping in mind the book reading public or other activities that required looking in downward direction. The new electronic lens is expected to delightfully serve the purpose of high held computer screens.

Chronological Events of Bifocal Evolution:

Multi-focal glass wearers —> Bifocal glass with the line that goes all the way across the entire width of the lens —> Advanced half-moon bifocal segment —> Trifocals with viewing things in the intermediate zone.

Will the electronic glass revolutionize the viewing experience altogether?

  1. Altaf Rahman says

    The location : Exam center
    Participents : One student appearing for exam another sitting half a mile away in a restuarant helping the student in writing exam.
    Method of operation : Both wear improvised glasses discribed above which can focus for a mile.
    The guy sitting outside adjusts his glasses to read the question paper in front of the student and opens the page of the text book.
    The student adjusts his glasses to read from the book held by his helper and gets all information to write exam.

    Ha ha ha.

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