Soon a mobile phone that will operate without touch, but with gaze of your eye !


How often I have received SMS’es on my cell phone that starts with ‘Height of Stupidity’ or ‘Height of PJ’ (Pakau/Poor Jokes) and than starts the actual humorous portion of the text message. On a lighter side, while writing this post it struck me that this post is something related to the ‘Height of Laziness’ :)

Yes, technology is indeed moving at a faster pace. Speaking about the mobile phone handsets, we have seen it all from tiresome numeric keypads to less cumbersome QWERTY keypads and now even touch screen mobiles doing away with physical keypads.

Well, so what’s the height of laziness? Now, it can be said that we’re approaching an era where one can as well do away with those gentle taps on the screen.

Mobile handset manufacturer Nokia is said to be working on a gizmo that would allow you to provide wide range of commands including reading your text messages or watching a video clip only by looking at your spectacles intently.


This mobile phone works on eye gaze of the user where one has to look intently at the message that they would like to be opened up in front of them on the screen.

For this, user simply has to wear the Gaze Tracker, put on an arm band and place the ear piece in the ear to read the message and view the videos. The mobile phone needs to be calibrated to your eye so that it reads your eye movements.

Though, it might sound exciting, I’ve my own apprehensions as to what extent would this product work? Firstly, one needs to carry-over with them the gaze tracker, the arm band and those ear pieces too. All these accessories only for the comforts related to avoiding touch? I would rather prefer a simple touch screen mobile with an ear piece.

Personally, I would not like hassles of too many accessories in the crowded trains of Mumbai.

  1. Aditya says

    I agree with you Viral. Any existing gadget that would require more accessories in order to perform better wouldn’t really be an improvement.

    1. Viral says

      Oh yes Aditya…

      It seems you’ve caught hold of the essence of my negative posturing for this otherwise hitech mobile technology.

  2. Ashok says

    i am sure that it will really rock,, now all are changing towards touch screen because of great advantages,, if we can control our mobile with eye then it will beat up touch..

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