Mediclaim Portability is here – Ditch your current medical insurer if you want to…


Okay, this post is not about MNP and no one knows when the portability of mobile telephony would be implemented as the issue keeps getting delayed time and again. However, there is portability coming in others areas which you probably did not expect…

It is Mediclaim Portability!!! Go for it if you are not content with Your existing Medical Insurer?

According to a recommendation submitted by the General Insurance Council (GIC), the mediclaim policyholders, who are insured for a sum of Rs.1 lakh and above, can switch over to another insurer if they are not satisfied with their existing insurance provider.

Yes, you can ditch your current insurers covering your health policy and opt for a new one, if you are not content with their services and rude replies from their executives. And, guess what? You can as well avail of the new service without any change in the premium amount you paid to your previous insurer.


Health insurance policyholders can choose between various tailored policy products and carry out price comparisons between different types of products which could render the cause of portability as service-oriented and also impact various profile groups differently.

However, if you are a senior citizen you may not be able to avail of this mediclaim portability opportunity by much as various companies have different policy rules and guidelines for the senior citizens carrying higher risk of ailment.

The mediclaim penetration in India, which stands at a low point currently, could get a fillip as cost competitive and customer friendly services are likely to be provided to the policyholders once this ruling is approved by the regulators.

Policyholders can compare policies amongst a number of facilities provided by a medical insurer such as hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures, effects of cumulative bonus and various types of illnesses covered under critical illness domain. Apart from the service factor, the policyholders can also compare the insurers with relation to denial of their policy renewal or escalating costs of renewal premiums.

Will this measure provide boost to the mediclaim industry?

  1. Anil Pandey says

    How can I avail the benefit of Health insurance portability.

  2. P. R. Santhosh says

    This will not be easy like Mobile number portability. They didnt experienced yet even what is the after effects of the mobile number portability so leave insurance. :)

  3. Altaf Rahman says

    I am not sure how the portability works.
    The premiums of various insurers are different, the schemes are different, the problems covered are different, the special clauses which come with each policy (the clauses which are printed in very small font to discourage people to go through them while signing and when finally if you claim some thing they will show the clauses with a magnifying lense under which your claim is rejected) are different.
    I am not sure how a customer can swap insurers with no knowledge of who is covering the same items with same premium but gives better service.
    But a new choice to customers is always welcome.

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