BWA Auction Day 9: Pan-India License crosses 9000 cr rupee mark !


BWA Auction completed its 9th day and 68 rounds of fervent bidding and what does it have to show – Whooping price of 9011 crore rupees for Pan-India Licensing.

Although many expected that BWA auction would much beyond the base price of 1750 crore for Pan-India license, not one really expected such a rise in bidding price and at such pace. In less than 10 days, the Pan-India BWA license has price has risen more than 5 times of the base price.

The exchequer now stands to gain over 18,022 crore rupees for sale of 2 slots of BWA spectrum from private telecom operators alone. In addition, BSNL & MTNL who have been allotted a spectrum each in their circle will pay an equivalent bid amount to the Government.


Even after 9 days of bidding, Delhi & Mumbai are both going quite strong with Mumbai still showing excess demand of 2 bids, while Delhi is showing excess demand for 1. Mumbai circle BWA price currently stands at 1404.17 crore while Delhi is at 1384.89 crore.

Tamil Nadu has better demand than others when it comes to state circles with a pricing of 1271.62 crore with no excess demand for bids. Today bids for T.N rose by 12.71 cr.

After T.N, highest bid is generated by Karnataka with a pricing of 1006.2 crore and increase of around 10 cr over yesterdays price. Maharashtra & Andra Pradesh bids remained constant at 924.79 cr  & 912.36 cr respectively.

Among all the 22 circles, 2 circles showed excess demand, 8 circles showed neutral demand while 12 circles has negative demand.

As expected bottom 5 circles did not show much improvement in their bid pricing. Himachal, Bihar, Orissa, North East, Assam and J&K all are still hovering near their base price of 15 crore rupees.

Download the pdf copy for full details or check out our previous coverage of BWA Auction.

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