India crosses 600 Million Mobile Users – Another 500 million to go !


Few days back we wrote an article quoting a survey that said India will have more than 100% teledensity by 2013 – means, more mobile connections than number of people living in India. Which puts the number of mobile connections close to 1.1 billion users. With that kind of growth India is slated to be the largest Telecom Market in the world surpassing China.

TRAI released the latest numbers on Mobile subscribers and the way mobile subscribers have been increasing for past 6 years (and if the trend continues), I am sure we will arrive at that figure as early as 2012. There is a caveat in all this though, it is assumed that Indian Telecom Operators are reporting the correct numbers.

Coming back to the TRAI Report, India currently has 638.05 Million telephone subscribers out of which wireline subscribers stand at 36.83, while Mobile subscribers have reached 601.22 million and increase of close to 17 million mobile subscribers. Currently the overall Tele-density in India stands at 54.10%

Here are the complete details of the report:

  • Total Telephone subscriber base reaches 638.05 Million
    • Wireless subscription reaches 601.22 Million
    • Wireline subscription declines to 36.83
  • 16.90 Million new additions in wireless
  • Overall Tele-density reaches 54.10
  • Broadband subscription is 9 million

The Broadband growth however remains dismal which stands at 9 million, which means less than 1% people in India have broadband connections.

Market Share by Telecom Operator


Bharti remains the top Market Share holder in India with 21.73% followed by Reliance (17.49%) & Vodafone (17.26%).

  1. Veer Thakur says

    Airtel Rocks

  2. Veer Thakur says

    Airtel Rocks

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