Are Job Portals Dying a slow death?


Social Media has changed everything for the better. People are spending more time on facebook, orkut, Linked In, Twitter and other Social Sites.

People are building their social and professional networks to stay connected, communicate, share and much more. Everyone is more approachable now than before.

Now, It is easy to reach out to others with similar interests on Linked In, Facebook or Orkut by searching profiles, groups, communities and blogs. Let’s look at the Growth of Major Social Networking Sites people spend their time online.

Facebook’s strong growth and ambition is ready to take over google in Traffic Rank. The growth of LinkedIn and Twitter is also remarkable. The Orkut rank has suffered bit after addition of photograph privacy feature and facebook sucking up their users. Orkut, although not growing, has been steady.

Everyone looks happy with Social Media. Is someone really suffering from Social Media? Let’s take a look at the Alexa graphs of Major Job boards of India over last two years.

India’s #1 Job board Naukri had Alexa traffic rank of around 300 before mid 2009. Now, It has a traffic rank of 437. The change has been consistent over last 2 years.

Monster India had a traffic rank of around 600 before mid 2009. Current Monster India traffic rank of 1029 reflects a considerable loss. Apart from loss in the traffic rank, the ‘page views’ have also reduced significantly.

If the same trend continues, we can question the popularity and value of big Job Boards over the next 2-4 years.

Why is this happening?

Now with a large number of people becoming easily approachable on social media. The mechanics of ‘Post Job and Pray’ (for people to apply) doesn’t work well any more. The quality talent is already being approached by a bunch of recruiters on Social Media.

The professional has been won with social media. The professional has the choice of choosing the right company and companies need to work to get to the right talent.

Recruiters can search and directly reach out to potential job candidates on Social Media with ‘Job Opportunity’ messages. It is a win-win situation. Candidates receive the relevant Job Opportunities in email and Recruiters don’t have to wait for people to ‘Apply’ to it.

This results into talented people not needing to go to the job boards.

Some Tips for Professionals

  • Connect with the best in your company, industry and skill-set. If you’re a best an IT professional connect with other IT Professionals. This helps you build your ‘Social Graph’.
  • It is recommended to keep your Social Network profiles updated on Linked In, Facebook and also Orkut. You can put down professional information for others to approach you.
  • Social Media is about conversation and engagement. It is also a good idea to join professional communities and groups on Social Networks that you may use. You may get noticed and approached with high paying job offers.
  • Open Source Contribution is good idea for programmers. It becomes easy for your next employer to verify your strengths if you’ve major contribution online.
  • Blog is one of the best way to express yourself without a doubt. You can write articles on your subjects on interest, technologies or ideas.

All these will help recruiters and other people with similar interests to reach out to you and connect with you.

Sounds great? – Get started soon :)

Tips for Recruitment Managers

Although Job boards are a proven value proposition and easiest way to reach out to the ‘Active’ job seekers, excessive dependence on job boards may result into receiving of many unrelated profiles,  heavy dependency on agencies that will incur high costs.

Social Media has increased the work of bringing talent on board. Companies will need to work smart to anticipate the change.

The recruitment managers may need to devise a good social media strategy to reach out people on the social media in general and social networks in particular.

I am sure very soon you will hear Job profiles with titles like Social Media Recruiter, Talent Attraction Manager and Sourcing Strategy Manager

The Social Media has emerged as a new way to connect with people, stay in touch and also get new opportunities.

So, what do you think ? Is social media the next job board? Looking forward to your ideas, views and comments.

  1. Swati Khanna says

    Nice Article. Very well written. I’am sorry but I don’t agree with the point that Job Portals are dying a slow death. In fact, I have a very good experience with the Online Job portals. They offer one of the easiest ways to search for the Job as per your skills & criteria. I had registered my account on Wisdom Jobs & got quite a lot of mails and calls from various companies. Within 10 days I got my first job. All thanks to the job portal.

  2. Adarsh Thampy says

    I wouldn’t say job portals are dying. They are evolving.

    For tech recruitment, the new trend is tech blog job boards. But for other functions, job portals are still the best bet.

  3. Nageswar YSV says

    Quality of services on the portals need to improve. Few observations from my side:
    – Alerts pull incorrect jobs also which are nowhere near the criteria in terms of role definition
    – Someone with 20+ years of experience get offers on mail for 1-2 years role from employers
    – usage of some semantics is suggested to make the portal easy to access and quick to make updates.

  4. Priyanka says

    I have been hearing a lot from companies that candidates from these major job boards are not that relevant, and that is another reason why I feel social media recruiting wins, cause it helps target quality over quantity.

  5. Rajan Chandi says


    Rank is relative but it indication of relevance of the web site.
    Apart from ‘Rank’ – the ‘PAGE VIEWS’ are gone down for
    That means that LESS number of JOBS are VIEWED by the job-seekers.

    You sound to be from and I believe you should be aware about the popularity on LinkedIn and the failure of Brijj!

    Don’t feel bad about my next question – ‘RECOMMEND’ button Job View Page is really misguiding – Corporate Recruiters clicking that button to promote the jobs sends their own employees(those connected on Facebook) to – Just to increase the ATTRITION RATE. Is it really ETHICAL?

  6. Rohan says

    Hi Rajan,

    I second some of your observations, but I do not agree with what you have posted.

    You should have based your ‘statistical research’ on Alexa’s ‘Reach parameter rather than ‘Rank’. Rank is relative. A drop in rank does not necessarily mean drop in traffic too. It merely means that others were able to grow faster than that site. The site may not have reduced traffic. We will assume that the drop in rank is because of other sites receiving higher traffic.

    The job portals, atleast has maintained its reach. If you see the rank graph for, it has not only maintained its reach, but its traffic also peaked in early months of 2010. So how can you say that they are dying a slow death?

    Don’t feel bad about my next question, but are you purely batting for your venture Hire Plug? Your criticism of job portals is very much on those lines. I understand your point of view, but this article sounds too promotional.

  7. Dr. Prahallad panda says

    Most of Job portals have hidden agenda of collecting money from job seekers in the name of writing resume and giving special privileges.

  8. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Aha….Madhav and Rajan,

    I see both the point of views, and I think both are right. While discretion is required when it comes to job hunting, I think Rajan’s PoV of Job Boards slowly dying is also true.

    The dynamics of job search are changing from what they were 5 – 8 years back….

  9. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Hi Rajan,

    (Is this your first blog? If so, welcome to

    I agree with some of your points and not so with some others. What I agree is that hiring managers and recruiters can save costs by finding people on soc net sites. Linkedin has helped me a great deal in getting timely info due to the network I have built. Many recruiters call me all the time and have job offers for me. Without a Linkedin profile, there was only a pull (info request from my side), but now there is also a push (job offers made by recruiters).

    At the same time we should recognize that people have got into trouble at the workplace based on what they put out on soc net sites. So when tweeting or setting one’s status or ‘what’s on your mind?’ kind of things, one needs to be cautious as the entire world including your boss and colleague could be reading your updates.

    It’s easy and acceptable for a corporate to create a Facebook fanpage and state that they are recruiting for xyz position but an individual stating that he is looking for the same may be chastised at work.

    With this dilemma in mind I created which helps people get job alerts anonymously (without anybody knowing that they are looking out for the jobs). I am not trying to promote my site but the point I want to mention is that, some topics like jobs are sensitive from an employers perspective and one needs to handle this as discreetly as possible.

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