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Last updated: January 25, 2017 at 16:59 pm

Kingfisher Airlines Voted best in India – Gets 5 star rating

If you have travelled by Kingfisher Airlines, I am sure you must have encountered more than just pretty Air-Hostesses – atleast, I have. The level of service and seating comfort is one of the best in the world.

Surprisingly, I find Indian air travel (even low cost carriers) much better than what I have encountered in America, especially the leg-room space and service.

Indian carrier, Kingfisher Airlines has been given 5 star Airline Ranking, one of the only 6 to get that status by Skytrax, which has been instituted by Skytrax, the world’s leading, independent airline research and air travel information organization. Kingfisher Airlines was awarded 5 star status for both domestic and international travel in Kingfisher First and Kingfisher Class.


The 6 carriers that have been conferred 5 star airline status are:

What is surprising is no other Indian Airliner comes even near to Kingfisher. No other Indian Airliner has got even 4 star rating, while only Air India managed to get 3 star rating.

Here is what Skytrax has to say about Kingfisher Airlines:

“The greatest attribute behind 5-Star status is an airline’s ability to deliver the combination of Product and Service. We are focused on recognizing airlines whose staff deliver a true 5-Star standard of service delivery, both at the Airport and Onboard. The renewal of the 5-Star ranking to Kingfisher Airlines reaffirms its standing as the only airline in India – and one of only 6 airlines in the world – which has been awarded this status.”

Kingfisher is no doubt the best Airline in India, but what about Worst ?

Which Indian Airline do you think is the worst ? My vote goes to “Air India Express” :)


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  • […] this is what happened to a friend of mine while he was travelling with Kingfisher Airways, the only 5 star airlines in India. For him, it ended with a happy experience and a will to travel with Kingfisher again. For me it […]

  • kingfisher is the lastest airliness in the world..recently kingfisher has been introduced a new flight and that is air deccan 26./. share low cost airbus kingfisher red…which is fabulous in indian airliness…

  • My vote for the worst airline in India goes to SpiceJet.. I have flown with all the Indian airlines and I found SpiceJet the worst both for it’s ground and in-flight services.

  • I am really sorry for forgetting their food. When I am critical on their negetive side, I must be honest for their positive side too. The Biryani on Air India is best compared to any other airline Biryani. For their Biryani, I will give them a quarter of a star :-)

    • And don’t forget wada-pav aboard the Air India/ Indian Airlines, for evening snack from Mumbai to Delhi route. For an NRI… its a nice way to come home or leave the country. Apart from the food division of Air India, everything else needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from scratch. It is not an airline, but a flying village bus with ex-school principals for airhostess (my apologies to the good looking and good attitude one’s out there). If Air India is the national airline, you know what kind of tourism industry we have!

      • Aha…Madhav very well put… especially the last line… The most surprising part is…everyone knows this, but nobody seems to be doing anything about it… I mean come on….how can you have an airhostess who is 50 years old and probably 20 kg overweight !!

        • Arun, I would rather blame the airline as a flight, and the service being ultra poor. Frankly, I don’t get why men expect to have hot babes for air hostesses while they themselves sit with pot bellies and hair growing out of their ears :-). Anyway, the staff might not be in shape to be models but their attitude to their customers which is greatly appalling. Indians, particularly those in business (products and service industries) need to learn from someone like the Japanese how to treat customers. One thing I can say for the Indian air hostesses – they are international level, in the sense that their attitude is similar to that of their counterparts on American airlines! I choose airlines based on price, connectivity, timing, convenience, service, in-flight entertainment etc., and not staff’s beauty or dress code. So it is never a factor for me. However coming back to the post, Kingfisher’s achievement is commendable that they are only the 6th airline in the world to receive this honor no matter at what cost. In fact, Virgin airlines is not on the list and they are known to send limos to pick up their guests and give them more than 5-star treatment in-flight as well as outside. So, I wouldn’t really surprised if Kingfisher is going to be the airline of choice to those who can afford it.

  • I am surprised to read that Air India got 3 star rating. They do not deserve any star let alone 3 star. When I say Air India, I mean Air India, Indian Airlines and Air India express all included. Thank God I am not travelling any of these for the last 4 years. Before that out of neccessity I was travelling them. I am working in GCC and anywhere in GCC, their ticket booking service is worst. Their staff at boarding pass section is even more worse than worst. The only reason Indian travelling Air India is due to excess demand compared to available seats. An idea of Air India express cheating passengers : If you are travelling to Qatar on visit visa, you must get ‘OK to board’ from airlines prior to your taking boarding pass at your port of embarkation. This service is free in any airlines. Air India Express charges 10 riyals for this. They say they are recovering this to compensate already low ticket price. This is nothing but cheating. On one hand they offer low price, and indirectly charge money for giving OK to board.

    • Altaf, Whole heartedly agree…except their food, absolutely everything is worst…and I am putting it mildly.. They dont deserve to be an airline…trust me..

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