Iphone Users most satisfied followed by Motorola & HTC !


Year 2010 is year of Smartphones – No doubt about that. Infact, the number of smartphones sold in first half of 2010 beat numbers on any previous year.

Smartphone owners also seem to be the most satisfied lot of all the mobile users. The features provided by there phones allow users to carry out multitude of tasks that normal feature phones cannot do.

Changewave Research, a foremost mobile research company recently published the satisfaction ratings amongst Smartphone users and it is clear that iPhone rules.

iPhone users are the most satisfied lot with 77% of new Apple owners reporting they’re “Very Satisfied” with the iPhone they purchased. The satisfaction levels is increasing with each new version of the phone. The Very Satisfied ratings for the newest iPhone 3GS models – the 32GB 3GS (81%) and the 16GB 3GS (77%) – are higher than that of the older iPhone 3G (69%).

Satisfaction Ratings by Smartphone Manufacturer


The ratings also show the Droid is driving Motorola’s impressive overall satisfaction levels. Better than two-thirds (69%) of Droid purchasers report they’re Very Satisfied with their new smart phone compared with 50% for all other Motorola models.

A similar 68% of HTC Hero buyers report they’re Very Satisfied with their new smart phone – considerably ahead of the HTC Droid Eris (50%) and the HTC Touch (38%).

Smartphone Likes & Dislikes

Every Smartphone manufacturer though has some strong areas and some weak areas. When users were asked about specific likes and dislikes, here is what Changewave survey found.


There are some interesting differences between the individual manufacturers. Here are the top three things new owners like best for each:

    Apple: Applications (24%), Ease of Use (20%), Internet Access (11%)
    Motorola: Applications (18%), Internet Access (17%), GPS/Maps (9%)
    HTC: Screen (23%), Integration Capabilities (15%), Applications (14%)
    RIM: Email (31%), General Functionality (11%), Screen (9%)


Here’s the dislikes breakout for those same four major manufacturers.

    Apple: Service Provider (22%), Battery Life (19%), Lack of Multitasking (11%)
    Motorola: Battery Life (14%), Screen (13%), General Functionality (13%)
    HTC: Operating System (12%), Screen (10%), Battery Life (10%)
    RIM: Keyboard (17%), Screen (15%), Complexity (8%)

Satisfaction by Operating System

I am an Android fanboy – But having said that, at this point of time, iPhone OS is far superior to what Android is. The satisfaction level reflects that as well. However, it is quite commendable that in less than 2 years, Android’s satisfaction level is just 4 points short of iPhone OS.


While the Apple OS (71% Very Satisfied) ranks highest, the Google Android OS comes in just behind, with two-thirds (67%) of new owners of Google OS phones reporting that they’re Very Satisfied with their mobile operating system (and another 29% Somewhat Satisfied).

Palm’s Web OS (57% Very Satisfied) ranks third. The satisfaction level for the RIM OS (37% Very Satisfied) came in well behind the three industry leaders, but ahead of Windows Mobile (24% Very Satisfied).

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