Wipro most talked about IT Firm in Social Media ?


Social Media is relatively a young channel as a vehicle for product or company branding – nevertheless growing in recognition. More and more companies are seriously looking at what is being written and discussed on twitter’s and Facebook’s of the world.

Social Media Analytic & Research firms on the other hand are increasingly trying to portray the importance of this medium for products and companies.

2020 Social, a Delhi based firm has come out with an interesting report that gives insights on what is being talked about the top IT companies in India. The report “IT Brands – Conversations”, tracks “mentions” of Top 5 Indian I.T companies Cognizant, Infosys, TCS, Wipro & Patni on Social Web to understand what is being talked about and goes on to analyze these conversations.

Here are some of the findings of the report: [note: Take findings with a pinch of salt as the sample size is fairly small – 554 mentions]

  • Wipro (35%) was the most mentioned company followed by TCS (32%) and Infosys (19%). I think if this analysis was done over longer period of time, the results may have been different. Wipro is probably in the forefront as there were couple of popular news items that were published on Azim Premji in recent times (something to the effect of Premji giving off his entire wealth to charity)


  • 86% of all the mentions happened on micro-blogging sites like Twitter & Facebook, majority of which were positive to neutral in tone. Again, I am not sure if it actually reflects the reality as most of these mentions would come from the company employees or representatives.

    What is interesting however, is that, here was little or no attempt by the brands to counter/correct the negative mentions. This also goes to show my previous that social media is still not fully on radar of these companies as a serious channel.


  • After news, Culture was the most talked about subject in conversations. Infosys was the only company whose culture was talked about more than all other subjects like Leadership, HR etc.


Insights from “IT Brands – Conversations” Report

  • There is a lot of discussion about IT firms related to work and HR related subjects .
  • There is little or no engagement that the organizations are taking to connect with influencers and to drive the conversations
  • Whatever the representation these firms have on the social web , is primarily driven by corporate communications
  • We believe that HR and Recruitment groups who own the perception of the Employment Brand must engage with the conversations
  • These conversations should be linked to an online platform where people can connect with subject matter experts and recruiters and to get to know first hand information about the firm.

Here is a question to readers – Do you think it is important for products & companies to take social media conversations seriously ? Do negative or positive conversations on social media really make a difference, especially to companies like TCS, Wipro & Infosys ?

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