BWA Update Day 2: Pan India License reaches 3200 crore rupees!


3G Auction is over, however Broadband Wireless spectrum (BWA) auction just completed its second day and the Pan-India license price has already grown to over 82% premium on base price set at 1750 crores.

At the end of Day 2 of BWA Auction,  10 rounds of auction were completed and Pan-India license bid has reached to 3199.29 crore rupees. Today the Pan-India BWA license cost rose by whooping 844.76 crores.

Today’s rise in bids has ensure that exchequer will receive minimum of 6398.58 crore rupees from private telecom operators for 2 slots of BWA spectrum that are on Sale.


Seeing the way BWA bids are rising, I think BWA spectrum will see bigger premium on the base price as compared to 3G Auction price. However, one cannot say whether BWA auction will last as long as 3G Auction did.

One of the reason, why I say that BWA spectrum may see higher premium is because many players were enable to win the 3G Auction due to humongous pricing, however, these players will be fiercely bidding for BWA licenses.

Highlights of BWA Auction Day 2:

  • 7 circles (Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu) saw equal highest bid price of 332.96 crores.
  • Delhi has maximum demand with 8 bids with 6 in excess. Mumbai saw demand of 7 bids with 5 in excess. While 4 states (T.N, A.P, Karnataka, Maharashtra) saw demand of 6 bids.
  • Rajasthan, West Bengal, Himachal, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, North-East and J&K received just 1 bid with no excess demand.

You can get complete update on numbers here

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