Twitter Facebook bandwagon joined by Delhi Police – Will give you traffic Updates


Twitter & Facebook are getting mainstream – There is no doubt about that. Now, the latest to join these social networking bandwagon are Delhi Police. Residents of the capital city will now get updates about traffic situation on Twitter & Facebook.

On the Facebook page of Delhi Police, here is the reason they have given for opening these accounts:

Management of Traffic in Delhi, during Commonwealth Games, will be a big challenge as well as a great opportunity. Delhi Traffic Police cannot possibly succeed without the active participation and co-operation of all road users in Delhi.

Now, I must say they are both great initiatives – Twitter will be of great help when it comes to doing short updates regarding traffic snarls and accidents, while Facebook can serve as a place where the community has direct conversation with Traffic Authority.

The main reason for doing this is Commonwealth Games, however, if the popularity grows (which I am pretty confident of), this can probably serve as great foundation between Delhi Traffic Police and Delhi-ites.

Check out the latest Twitter timeline of Delhi Traffic Police.


Like on Twitter, Delhi Police have also opened a Facebook Account


Already the Twitter has attracted more than 650 followers , whereas Facebook community has already touched 3363 people. What is heartening to see is that on Facebook, Delhi Police are also answering citizen queries. Here is one such example (although quite funny – I am sure couple of beers should do nobody any harm….wtf)


While Twitter updates are only short messages on traffic situation, Facebook discussions are far more interesting. They are all primarily complaints, questions and suggestions.

I think all the other cities should take a cue from this – It will be of great help no doubt for ordinary citizens like you and me. It will surely serve as a public forum where senior officials can keep a tab on regularly.

I hope Pune has one soon – I have lot of things to share :)

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