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Top 15 Newspapers in India

Did you know that Local language Newspapers are the most widely circulated and read newspapers in India. English dailies do not fare well when it comes to readership.

The highest ranked English daily was Times of India (and I always was under the impression that TOI was one of the most widely read news papers in the country)

The figures were released recently by Indian Readership Survey conducted by the Media Research Users Council (MRUC).

Here is the run-down on the numbers:

Top 15 Newspapers in India

Sr. No Newspaper Name Readership numbers
1 Dainik Jagran 54,254,000
2 Dainik Bhasker 33,432,000
3 Hindustan (local) 29,411,000
4 Amar Ujala 28,720,000
5 Lokmat 23,276,000
6 Daily Thanti 20,305,000
7 Dinakaran 16,741,000
8 Ananda Bazar Patrika 15,318,000
9 Eenadu 14,726,000
10 Rajasthan Patrika 14,205,000
11 The Times of India 13,447,000
12 Hindustan Times 6,254,000
13 The Hindu 5,140,000
14 The Telegraph 2,877,000
15 Deccan Chronicle 2,816,000

Here is an interesting take on these numbers: If you count all these numbers they come close to 230 million (in top 15) readership. Putting together all others (I count approx. 20 million), we land up with a very rough readership of 250 million. Now remember, readership is not same as circulation, which may be quite low.

So we have around 25% penetration of newspaper considering a population of 1 billion.

What say guys? Am I close?

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Arun Prabhudesai is founder / chief editor at trak.in. He jumped the Entrepreneurship bandwagon in early 2008 after a long 13 year stint in I.T Industry. You can follow him on twitter @trakin and Facebook. Arun’s Google+ Profile


  1. The times of India is the worst newspaper in India today. Horrible language usage and the entire newspaper is covered with ads for which the TOI charges such a high premium. People usually buy it for the local city times, like Bangalore times or Mumbai times. It’s entirely a lifestyle fashion newspaper whose followers and readers have not learnt a thing from events but from the crap that TOI manages as gossip and various other crap!!

  2. disqus_U9zZRiMddm

    SAKSHI is the best news paper in andhrapradesh………….

  3. Where is Malayala Manorama??? It is the largest circulating regional language news paper in India. Wikipedia holds it the Third largest circulating daily of India.

  4. Suprasidh Suprakasam

    no manorama….Please check…

  5. hello every one, let me know if anybody is looking for research projects – for more information visit this link – http://www.ikonmarket.com/

  6. (and I always was under the impression that TOI was one of the most widely read news papers in the country) So, if you were dumb enough to be under such impressions, why should we have to read this stuff? It would’ve been far better had you put the date when the Readership Survey was published, and for what period. Also how the MRUC calculates circulation and readership. My suspicion is that these are largely guesstimates. I’ve not done any totaling, but I suspect you are far from close. You do not indicate that you’ve taken into account double readership

  7. The Hindu is best… It got the Best Newspaper in South,the language and layout and the High Level Expert’s Editorial view of the newspaper is very good.Even TOI itself praises The Hindu’s editorial part. I love to have morning tea with the Hindu.. THE HINDU ROCKSS….

  8. I think 25% penetration of newspaper is very low. We should try to increase that number.


  10. Saikat Bandyopadhyay

    its nice that anandabazar patrika is in 8th position in the country among almost 400 daily's..

  11. Under the notion that the hindu was unbiased,just in its views,secular and patriotic , i became its subsriber. But the articles it ran daily made me think that i was wrong and hasty jumping onto the hindu bandwagon.it is not as impartial as it claims to be. While this uncouth champion of secularism poured vitriol over the pope for his comments against islam, it was silent over the smelly mulla death sentence to a neo-convert from afganistan. While it upholds the palestinian right to kill jews and christians ,the israeli self resistance is outrageous. Its op -ed page is inundated with anti-hindu,anti-christian, anti-jewish,anti-national , anti- american and pro-muslim and pro-left. It islamic mercenary (read journalists) are shameless in their glorification of muslim terrorists as freedom fighters. It is vocal in its support for kashmir terrorists and often spends its offal worthlessly for asia andrabi and the likes of sajjad lone. What virtue can be expected of a newspaper headed by a former commie student org leader? This newspaper should have long been banned by gov for writing against patriotic sentiments and boycotted by hindus,christians ,jews and all those who reject islamic terrorism. The apt title for this islamic and chineese mouthpiece should have been “indias anti- national news paper since 1878.

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  13. Pradyumna Murhar

    Can't we have a survey and rating based on "quality" of newspaper n not readership! Coz though TOI is highest selling English daily, the language is pathetic with so many spelling/grammatical mistakes, use of words that make no sense in context! I have sent many copies of TOI to their respective editors marked with all such mistakes with a marker and all the papers were filled with red spots, but got no reply from them! I think The Hindu is way better w.r.t. quality and so is The Telegraph!

  14. I still like Rajarsthan Patrika…..

  15. Santosh Kumar Prajapati

    I think INDIAN EXPRESS should also be in the list.

  16. Divyesh H Panchal

    Even Punjab Kesari is in 1 to 5 number list…

  17. Shaikh Rajjab Ali

    wow great Dainik Jagran is still no. 1.


    • sakshi is a yellow jornalism news paper , its a top most worst paper of andra pradesh , started by a jagan mohan reddy , now he is in jail for his deeds

  19. Mobin Thiruvalla

    Please reply. Malayala Manorama is no 4 th in INDIA.

  20. Mobin Thiruvalla

    NO Manorama is no 4th.

  21. what is the position of navbharat times.

  22. top 15 newspapers of india.

  23. great list……These are so helpfulness for us…..So thanks to share it with us….

  24. People Think The Hindu is a Good News paper.But it is a LEFT oriented newspaper. While reading that paper one should be alert & critcal.Otherwise one cannot form an impartial opinion about an issue.They always critisize India & US, & always Flatter China.Somedays one will feel like he/she is reading a Chinese National Daily.

    • All newspapers (and magazines) have agendas. They are owned by business houses and utilised to promote their interests. When reading ANY paper (or magazine), here or abroad, one should be critical, highly so. Few impartial opinions can be expected

  25. I need some help. Hopefully, someone that will read this comment will pitch in the info I need. I need to hire some journalists for a newspaper I’m planning to start. It’s a small paper, and financially I’m not in very good position. Probably, what I need is a retired journalist, or some students… because, the work I need would be just part time. So, could anybody be so kind and direct me toward a publication (forum, pool of students of journalism, etc.) where I could reach a great number of students? Your help would be greatly appreciated. L.G.

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