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Last updated: May 30, 2014 at 11:34 am

Top 100 most valuable Brands in the World – India has only one

India has only one brand which has made it to the list of “Top 100 Brands in the world” – Do you know which is this brand?

It is – ICICI Bank, ranked at number 45, among top 100 brands !


Millward Brown Optimor have published -  BrandZ Top 100 – a ranking that identifies the world’s most valuable brands measured by their dollar value.

I am actually surprised that no other Indian brand could make in the top 100 list. I was expecting either Bharti or Infosys or even TCS – They probably are bigger brands for me than ICICI Bank. But that’s what it is – ICICI Bank is the biggest global brand in these rankings.

Coming back to world rankings – Google takes the Number One position as the world’s most valuable brand (and there are no two ways about it).

Technology Brands Rule

Technology Brands rule the ranking with top 4 brands are all Technology companies. Google, IBM, Apple and Microsoft are the top 4 brands in that order. Coca–Cola comes as the 5th most valuable brand in the world.

Top 100 Most Valuable Brands in the world (From 0 to 50)


(From 50 to 100)


Infosys figures in Top 20 most valuable Technology Brands

From India’s perspective, Although Infosys has not made it to the top 100 brands, it has been listed as 18th most valuable Technology brand in the world, 2 place above Facebook, which is listed at number 20th. Both of these brands are new entrants into this list as compared to previous year’s survey.


Surprisingly, this is the first time that Indian brands figure in this list of top 100 most valuable brands. I think we should see more Indian companies in forthcoming years…what say? 


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  • AIRTEL net profit stands nowhere near ICICI and about infosys in that same manner TCS is much bigger than INFOSYS which market share close to 40% then there second list is also wrong as infosys is not a bigger brand than TCS the kind of reputataion TCS has infosys is nowhere near TCS . its the biggest it company of india and not infosys and more importantly the reputation of TCS is unmathced . ICICI IS BIGGEST INDIAN PRIVATE BANK AND IMPORTANANTLY SECOND LARGEST INDIAN BANK AND BEHIND SBI BUT SBI IS MUCH OLDER AND NOT A BRAND ITS PROFIT IS MORE AS GOVT SUPPORTS ITS PSUS AT ALL POSSIBLE STEP INFACT IN URBAN AREAS SHARE OF ICICI BANK IS 47% AND THAT OF SBI IS 22% MEANS SBI IS WORKING AS IT HAS BRANCHES IN RURAL AREAS AND PVT BANKS DONT GO TO THOSE AREAS

  • Now there are controversies around ICICI about its ownership.indian owned or indian controlled ? 74% is in foreigner hand .Indian govt saying its not indian company..So finally we don’t have one in that TOP 100 list.It will take little longer to see a indian company there :-(

  • Haaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of all the companies in Country ICICI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People who awarded this should take a ICICI account and use it for a year and then decide…. And no Airtel…screw the awards commitee

    • Yes i agree with you :-) i’ve no account it that bank but i hear hell lots of bad things about this bank :-). Most of people suggest me to not use this bank.:-).

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