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71% of companies keep tab on Employees Social Media activities & for a good reason…


How often do you visit to your Facebook or Twitter account during your work schedule?

I am sure many of you….but keep one thing in mind – Your boss could very well be keeping tabs on what conversations you are having on Social Media sites.

Well, that’s not all about it. With the advent of internet enabled mobile handsets, now, employees can as well log-in to their favorite social media sites through sophisticated (yet becoming cheaper!) mobile devices even as their office computer systems disable the accessibility to such social networking sites.


So, it is but obvious that employers are increasingly getting thoughtful about their staff people indulging in social chatting as employer’s find it tough to keep tab on their cell phone activities.

Initially, restricting their access to the office internet could do the trick, but not any more. The only source to keep a tab on cell phone-based internet usage is instant visits to check the employee’s status during the working hours.

According to recent survey, 71% of the companies have visibility into employee usage of social media. The key finding as per the report says 39% of the respondents’ organizations ban use of social media during the working hours.

The popularity of the social media can be gauged from the fact that a whooping 59% of the firms maintain stricter social media policy. However, 46% of the respondents were unsure if their employees comply with such policies put on paper.

However, a prime cause of concern for business organizations is not as much related with time an employee spends on social networking sites but what employees are divulging via their social networking activity and how that affects the security of their employer.

Thus, the real challenge for the companies lays not just in waste of productive time involved in social networking activities of staff but even grave security hazards attached to infiltration of the system and breach of sensitive information.

While social networking sites come as a big enabler towards enhancing the business prospects and opportunities in the current globalised structure of the world, it also comes with related threats of frauds and hacking incidents

At best, I can say that these are still early days for social networking media. And it would not be too late for the organizations to evolve a policy guideline which promotes social media and at the same time keeps a tab as to how far it can be given a leeway from the security point of view.

What’s your say?

  1. Rahul Karan says

    @Viral – If it is restricted also, most of the Indians don’t want to speak about companies inside bad situation in social media. Because, they want to get a Good job in another company. :)

  2. Aseem Rastogi says

    I personally feel that even if companies ban, people have hundreds of ways to log onto these sites..If u see the graph then India has too many controls..and others have much banning is not the solution for everything!

  3. balaji yadhav says

    They will be able to keep tabs only if you are connected on the office network.In my office network all these sites are blocked but we are also provided a data card access in our laptops through which we are able to connect to any site and that cannot be monitored.I understand that desktops are monitored easily and with laptops (like i have been provided with) it is almost impossible to monitor.But when i reconnect to the office server to check on official mail the best they will do is to check the data transfer from my laptop using Pointsec and verify whether there are encrypted office data.Of course there is this policy of not using official equipments for personal use we sign to when we join a firm but who cares really!!!.

    1. Viral says

      Hello Balaji Yadhav,

      As rightly pointed out by you, apart from desktops systems of the office, employees can have access to internet by way of personal laptops or even mobile phones during working hours.

      But, unless it is a win-win situation for both employers and employees, all is well.

  4. Altaf Rahman says

    When on one hand companies are working on new concepts like ‘Work from home’ and ‘Flexible working hours’, I dont know how these restrictions work.

    However the concerns of the companies are genuine as Viral points out. Its not about time spent but its about data leakage. Each company has to work out a decent way to protect its interests.

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