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Are You a Compulsive Chatter (on mobiles) while Driving? you need to read this..

Here is an interesting statistic, only 2.5% of the extra-ordinary ‘supertaskers’ with an extraordinary ability to multitask can drive safely while chatting on their mobile phones. What about the remaining 97.5% of the majority drivers?

A human brain just can not handle sights and sounds simultaneously while driving. And most of the traffic police would concur with this view that driving and chatting can not go hand-in-hand simultaneously. Multitasking is a new buzz word around, but definitely not viable while driving.

Government is likely to notify a rule soon where culprits breaching the driving norms related to use of mobile phone, would be fined Rs. 2000 or six months imprisonment or even both. Using hands-free devices or indulging in text messaging will also be counted as offences.


However, technology has no boundaries. And every conventional problem has a solution led by technology. A new gadget known as ‘Key2SafeDriving’ is dedicated to solve this issue in its own different way.

This customizable device is mobile phone software along with a hardware key which gets activated with the start of the car and simultaneously disables texting and phone calls. The device empowers the user on the way to monitor, report and regulate mobile phone activity while in driving mode.

The device lets the user to decide on which calls to be allowed and which ones to be given a pass-off. This lets them configure the calls from the most important people from your phone book while weeding out the remaining ones.

The device reroutes calls directly to voice mail and sends automated text message responses that the driver is driving right away, so that any false thought does not crop-up in the mind of the caller at the opposite end as to why the calls is not being replied to.

A positive of Key2SafeDriving device is that it does not need GPS or any other hardware to be implemented. At the same time, drivers can make emergency calls from their mobile phones even as other call numbers remain blocked.

Thus, this mobile device could work innovatively to reduce and prevent driving distractions which are uncalled for. It also provides for customization as per the user need and regulation.

However, there is a small apprehension in my mind. What happens in handset devices which do not allow third-party software to run in the background?

What’s your view?

  1. ishika mahajan says

    This article is terrific and up to date. I totally agree with the writer regarding all this stuff of mobile with GPS technology .The information provided in here is very fruitful and i would like to add on one more technology which i found during searching for last two hours on GPS in india
    check it and let me know, what you think about it.
    Ishika Mahajan
    Sales Manager

  2. Altaf Rahman says

    What ever technology comes up to make life easy (talk while u drive), the basic theory remains the same.
    While attending “Safe Driving Practices” we were asked the question of how much distance one should keep from the vehicle in front. The answers varied from 10 to 50 meters. Some said depends on the speed. Then the instructor informed us that the spacing can not be measured in distance but it should be in time. The minimum distance should be 6 seconds. The reason being, it takes the human brain 1.5 sec to realise that the car ahead has applied break. The signals from brian (to leg to apply break or to hands to swerve) takes 0.5 sec. It takes the vehicle to stop about 3 sec. Then there should be a cushion of 1 sec. At the same lecture, the instructor informed that while talking over mobile, the distance should be 10 sec as brain needs more time (as the person is using brain for other purpose-concentrating on the topic of the chat)
    May be the devices, that come to market will give extra cushion in speeding up brain reaction time.
    But the basic theory remains the same. Its better not to talk while driving. If you feel so important that the world will crumble around you if you dont talk, better have a chauffler driven car (you can do all the talk in the world while the driver does the driving).
    Basic assumption of police remains the same whether you have gadgets or not. When you are talking while driving, you are not only endangering yourself but others also (you have no moral right to endanger others just coz you cant stop talking)

  3. Nathan says

    A good innovation but a failed can use any mobile app to restrict/allow certain calls.No need for a device.their potential customers are fleet companies.

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