Online Social Networking Sites Increasingly Serving various Business Purposes


It does make business sense to spend towards promotional activities in various forms of media, thronged by maximum number of people wherein lays your target customer – be it by age group, income group, gender profile or a profile with specific style statement.

One such new medium (rather old to a few) that has cropped-up, against all odds of conventional media offerings, is social networking sites. These new generation of sites, like Facebook, Orkut or Twitter are attracting maximum number of ad revenues spending among other online mediums.


Social networking sites are fast emerging as the most influential medium of promotional activities for the corporate world globally.

Instead of promoting business through other traditional mediums, the corporate world is increasingly tapping innovative business prospects with their links from sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Linkedin.

Just to give you an example, Apparel brands such as Benetton, Wills Lifestyle, Pantaloons and Van Heusen are tapping social networking sites as design centers with a direct efforts of co-creation from end-users themselves. The contribution varies from user to user depending on various features ranging from color, textures to designs.

The report also points out as to how ITC’s Wills Lifestyle is looking at directly involving its consumers in product development and designing. The brand is also pushing its online sales through its member community on Facebook.

A social network service essentially consists of a representation of each user, his social link and interaction between themselves. In these fast changing times, a real time research on the social networking sites can come up with astonishing results.

However, such mediums of social networking sites should be used as complementary to other online presence. The social online world is tailored to facilitate communication and referral point for professional purposes, apart from its social point of connecting with others.

As per latest news, Twitter is launching its long awaited advertising platform, called Promoted Tweets, which will be tied to searches within Twitter and allows advertisers to place whatever tweets they select at the top of search results. Users will be able to interact with the Tweet by replying or re-tweeting.

However, only one promoted tweet from the advertiser will be displayed on the search results page. Twitter is also looking to expand advertising beyond search and is looking at local advertising directed at people who attach their location to their mobile tweets.

A number of brands are concentrating to tap the social networking class people, mostly centered by young and middle class population as of now, to build images and attract new customers. It is marketing by means of social networking.

An advantage of social networking sites is that all websites come with different set of offerings and features with common goal of social networking. A business man can surf through and explore which site suits his products and methodology of promotion and more importantly get product feedbacks.

Relatively speaking, offline business networking events come at a greater cost and involve significant marketing expenses as against low-cost online social networking sites.

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    Social networking along with online free classified ads is a great way to promote a business or website in these days all around the world because more and more people are now using internet.

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