Indians still prefers Orkut over Facebook – Why O Why ?


Google’s social networking site Orkut is still popular in India even as Facebook seems to have over-powered it in 8 out of 12 Asia-Pacific countries, according to a recent study by Internet audience measurement firm comScore, Inc.

In a report on social networking activity in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China), about 50.8% of the total online population visited social networking sites in February 2010. This amounts to about 240.3 million visitors being hooked to social networking sites, an indication about the increasing popularity of the advanced social networking culture globally.

Social Networking Reach


*Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs

While Facebook is an undisputed leader in countries like Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Vietnam; Orkut tops in fast growing market of India.

Local social networking sites like, CyWorld and (Yahoo’s offering) have managed to race past Facebook and Orkut in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan respectively. Further the study finds out that in countries such as Philippenes, Australia and Indonesia have highest (90% of total internet-surfing population) social networking penetration.

Indian Social Networking Space

India lags on the front of social networking activities contrary to out belief that Indians are very fond of social activities. Relatively speaking, Indians spend lower time on the social sites with the average minutes per visitor being 2 hours 10 minutes (130 minutes) as against 332.2 minutes and 324.4 minutes spent by Philippine and Indonesia’s enthusiasts

An internet user from India visited 13 times and spends about 2 hours on social networking sites in the month of February. According to the report, in India, Orkut chugs along with a 46.8% lead coverage as a percentage of reach of Web population.

While Facebook remains a numero uno globally, Google’s Orkut grabs the lead in the Indian market. With increasing popularity of Facebook, globally and even most of the Asia-Pacific regions, it remains to be seen as to what is creating roadblocks for Facebook to be a leader in India.

Anybody? As to why Orkut is still leading in the Indian markets?

  1. bkhblake says

    Really i like the facebook look and its various features.

  2. boka says

    orkut rocks
    facebook is unessary full of applications and is quite dimag ka dhai shoot
    and twitter is preferd to celebrity peoples only!!!!!
    simple living high thinking!!!i best
    so orkut is best!!!!

  3. Aseem Rastogi says

    Its a matter of time before Facebook surpasses Orkut. Yes Orkut had the fast mover advantage..its like if u are new to social media, you first use Orkut, then FB and then Twitter..thts d transformation which is happening..n today if you see Orkut is rapidly losing market to has started copying FB in anything and everything be it their design, apps etc

  4. Aniketh says

    Hi fellows, Visit this site. This is one such presentation explaining to you whats happening. Who are using orkut or whatever social networks and whats happening on the youth front..

  5. Shanti says

    Hi everyone, whats happening is that some stupid indian people have joined facebook thinking that its more popular and more in fashion. But facebook is not At all user friendly. It keeps showing unwanted messages, like some friend has sent you an gift, do you want to take revenge from you blah blah friend. They are all unwanted. Also its not user friendly. So its like having a car with three wheels(which maybe is in fashion), but you can hardly drive it. So a simple car with four wheels is better than what everybody is running after.

  6. Viral says

    I feel its a matter of personal choise for different individuals.

    Some people have mindset of not changing with the updated versions of social networking styles. Some may be satisfied with their present contacts and social networking.

    Some may not feel the need to change from one site to another as their contacts largely lay in the initial site. However, there are many others who may wish to access both Orkut and FB. Such people may have dynamic ability to develop networks over every big site.

    At the same time, some one who uses only Orkut may feel the need to access FB even if their only dearest one has access from FB. So, its a subjective world where depending upon one’s needs the shift among the surfing of networking sites may happen.

    Both types of people could be right on their part of thinking applicable to a certain set of people with similar line of thoughts and views.

  7. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Some very interesting comments here – Here is my take.
    If you look at the statistics (I am a number fanatic : ), 90% of Orkut Indian users are college kids and Ravi mentioned Orkut has a first mover advantage – While the college kids kept on with it, more mature movers have moved to Facebook.

    FB is growing at 400%, and it will surely surpass Orkut – Its just matter of time :)

  8. Ravi kumar says

    Orkut has first mover advantage. So the possibility of your most of the friends available is more in orkut than facebook. As friends introduce these services to their friends, orkut is still maintaining the high growth.

    More than that orkut is simple and facebook keep buzzing you with useless applications. Many people just prefer social networking sites just for keep in touch with friends. Most of them don’t use applications. So orkut seems simple and best for them.

  9. Rahul Jain says

    Indians are dumb that is why they are using orkut..facebook is far better..what i think is that facebook is for cream class and orkut is for cattle classs…what do u say Tharur Shaeb..??

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Now that is one controversial comment :)

    2. Niranjan Acharya says

      Dont know about orkut or facebook…but YOU DEFINITELY ARE AN {deleted}!! calling INDIANS as DUMB you {deleted} JAIN! better wake up u {deleted}! facebook or orkut is a personal choice! u like facebook? FINE. Leave it at that! {deleted}.

      1. Anand M says

        Thumps up!! Niranjan :D

  10. Sujoy Neogi says

    You would find people in metros preferring facebook as it looks classy. But orkut has got image for itself too. Facebook users are the progressive ones is true.
    1) If anyone has to search for a old school friend he will go to orkut as everyone is on orkut.
    2) People who have become habituated to orkut would find it difficult to use facebook – it is very confusing, lots of friend/other requests, you can see numerous status messages, Problem of plenty – a normal user won’t understand what to do.
    3) Orkut communities are much simpler with less features. It looks clean and is easy to understand.
    4) Facebook is good if you use it everyday with regular status updates(like in US or other countries where people are on net all the while) but for those who visit in a week or so orkut is better as things don’t change much in orkut and scraps/messages are easy to find.

  11. Pradeep says

    Facebook is getting popular slowly and very soon it will overtake orkut. Think orkut should start thinking of exposing data to search engines

  12. Jay says

    I think the answer lies in the simplicity of using Orkut while it might take some time to get the hang of Facebook if one has been using Orkut for a while. At least that was in my case..

  13. Rohit Nair says

    Have you logged on to Y! Chat recently? I think you’ll find your answer there.

    Orkut allows you to scrap someone without requiring that you be a friend. As far as I can recollect, the privacy option is set to “public” as the default option in Orkut. This allows you to go on a unlimited scrapping fraaaansdhip spree. I am not being patronizing, but it is a fact.

    Also, for some people, FB is in fact the harder of the two to master…which leads to less usage. And if your friends aren’t there on a social network, why would you be?

    Thirdly, Orkut has the first mover advantage in most of rural India, which is surprisingly well connected in this matter. For them, getting on to Orkut itself is a big deal. I doubt if those people will invest the time and money in order to set up a new (rebuild an existing) social cirlce on a new platform.

    1. Viral says

      Hello Rohit,

      Just as you pointed out, that Orkut is more popular in the rural India which constitutes a major chunk of Indian population. This could be one reason behind the lead for Orkut over FB.

      At the same time, Indians spend about 2 hrs on social networking sites. This is in contrast to approximately 5 hrs beign spend by their counterparts in other countires of Asia-Pacific region.

      However, Indians might be feeling that it may not be worth it to spend more than 2 hrs on ‘relatively’ unproductive activities like social networking. So, they might not be preferring to spend more time in exploring and accessing any other new social sites other than the one they’re accustomed to. So, they prefer to stick with Orkut.

      Lastly, as Pradeep has stated in one of the comments posted below, FB could well be on its way to overtake Orkut (like in other countries) in years to come, but at a gradual pace.

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